Description of T6.3 XL AIR 2011

Folded size : 65 x 40 x 40 cm.Weight:29kg.

Capacity : 10.5m² living area + permanent canopy Ht 210 cm. 3 large rooms 160 x 230cm.

Composition : PU-coated polyester flysheet breathable polyester inner tent polyethylene groundsheet solid 11 and 12.7mm glassfibre poles.

Poles : Excellent stability and durability: 12.7mm and 11mm fibreglass -- All our fibreglass poles are double-inspected to ensure the best resistance to breakage.

Bedroom : 3 bedrooms offering superior comfort with a width of 1.6m and a length of 2.30m (but not very high) -- Breathable polyester - 8 inside pockets + 4 outside pockets in each bedroom.

Ventilation : Ultra-ventilated this tent is comfortable even in hot weather day and night -- Large lined flysheet (remarkable!) -- 2 big side ventilation flaps (can be closed off) -- 1 big ventilation panel in each bedroom can be closed off from inside or outside -- No feeling of claustrophobia outside view through the 5 windows.

Protection : The whole tent has insect protection: Double anti-insect net door and bedroom doors -- Flysheet has anti-insect edging letting air through but keeping insects out.

Waterproof : As with all Quechua tents a lot of work is put in to ensuring they are watertight through laboratory testing (an ENTIRE TENT is put through 200 litres/hr/sq m!) and field testing -- PU-coated polyester flysheet -- Seams are sealed with thermo-bonded tape -- 140 g/sq m polypropylene groundsheet.

Care Instructions : 1 CLEANING: if need be clean the tent with soapy water then rinse (with a hose if possible). Then dry completely. 2 RESIN STAINS (very hard to remove): once the stain is dry gently scratch it off whilst holding an ice cube on the inside of the fabric to make the resin brittle so it will come off more easily. 3 STORAGE: after use or cleaning do not store your tent until it is completely dry to prevent odours and mould formation.

Living Area : Roomy (10.5sq m / 2.1m high) comfortably accommodating 6 plus storage areas -- Permanent canopy = no need to set up and remove the canopy throughout the day (rain outings...) front can be fully or partially opened even in rain -- Rising groundsheet to avoid water trickling in from outside. This groundsheet can be removed.

Guarantee : 2 Years

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