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Made for intensive cardio training for maximum calorie burn.
Breathable, anti-odour T-shirt. EQUAREA CONTROL® actively controls odours! Fabric approved by 2/3 tester athletes against a conventional synthetic fabric.

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Moisture transferEquarea® fabric absorbs and wicks perspiration away.
Quick dryingPrevents chilling during and after sport.
Odour controlEquarea® control technology reduces odour development.
Warranty2 Years
Colour:Electric blue.

Sizes:S to XXXXL.
Information / Concept / Technology
100% polyester

Equarea, for textiles that actively wick away perspiration.


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Excellent style and price
Bought 3 of these and got an extra 10% off them in store too.

Use them for squash and also lounging around the house, very soft,lightweight, they abosrb and wick sweat away easily. They have approx 4 styles in these which look good on court.
Wash well, dry very quick ( circa 10 mins ) and they are very light to wear on court. For just over a fiver you cant grumble and they seem durable too.
At least try one for the gym, walking as a baselayer etc
soft fabric,good wicking,comfortable,lightweight
i cut the tags off as they were itching me!!
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