ONstep 100 pedometer



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walkers seeking an easy-to-use pedometer to monitor their physical activity.
Easy-to-use pedometer

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Trip featuresStep count, distance, active walking and total walking times
Exercise featuresCalorie expenditure.
VersatilityAutomatic or customised setup of the stride length
TractionClips on the belt.
Ease of useEasy settings
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Training Analysis
Step count, distance, active and total walking time, calorie expenditure.
The ONstep 100 clips onto your belt.For optimal accuracy, make sure it is positionned at your hip.
Display of day's walking activity. The ONstep 100 resets automatically at 3am everyday
Setting up the ONstep 100 is quick and easy.The stride length is automatically set based on your height, or entered manually. To measure your stride length: Count the number of steps it takes you to cover a distance of 10 metres. Do this several times to make sure that this number is accurate. Then, divide the measured number of steps by 10: it is your stride length. Example: You need 14 steps to cover 10 metres. 10 / 14 = 0.71 • Your stride length is therefore 71 cm
LR44 included
Use precautions
Pedometers are designed to measure walks only. They are not suitable for running or hillwalking.



Information / Concept / Technology
ABS case, PMMA screen.


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Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It's a great product and quite accurate and easy to use.
I have heard about pedometers before but haven't thought about buying one for me until recently when i was compelled to come out of my sedentary lifestyle. I was searching on the internet for a good pedometer and stumbled upon this product from decathlon. What made this product more enticing to buy is the attractive price point. I purchased this product without any hesitation. Delivery was as promised.

What i liked about this product

1) Does exactly what is listed as features in the website
2) Easy to set up
3) Accuracy as per the specs
4) Attractively priced compared to the competition

The only thing that i have against this product is that it is slightly bigger than expected, although it fits in well in your belt

I would have loved to see the feature of storing and comparing past walking statistics.

For some one who has been advised a lot of brisk walking by doctors, this device is a real motivator and money well spent to start the new year.
Used for More than 1 year
It works well but the clip broke off after only a year of use. Also, and this is a general comment, why can't they make pedometers so that you can read the screen just by glancing down (I.e.updide down).
Automatically resets at midnight
The clip broke
one step 100
Bought the above unit to replace an earlier model that I lost, which I was very pleased with . the old unit was accurate, reliable and easy to read. The unit also had a clock which I set up by station platform times very useful for catching trains when travelling between walks, but when I purchased new unit no clock why???
easy to understand and setup
The clock has been removed
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