Glenroy 110 Perch Fishing Lure



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Reduced price! Glenroy 110 Perch Fishing Lure

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Made for

lure fishing for pike and other large freshwater predators.
This plug bait emits vibrations as it swims that trigger attacks from hidden predatory fish. Dives when active and comes up when stationary.

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Visual efficiencyThe Glenroy 110's natural colours deceive suspicious fish.
Audio efficiencyThe rattling beads attract hidden predators.
Swimming depthThe Glenroy 110 dives up to 1 m under the surface.
HydrodynamicsDives when active and comes up when stationary.
VersatilityEffective on all freshwater predatory fish.
Warranty2 Years
Size11 cm Floating

Weight13.5 g

Depth1 m
Information / Concept / Technology
ABS and SEBS Body/Steel Hook/Steel Ball.

Maintenance tips
Rinse with fresh water after use at sea. Dry hooks after use to minimize any risks of oxidation.