520 Soft Golf Ball - Orange (sold in pack of 12)



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520 Soft Golf Ball - Orange (sold in pack of 12)

Made for

all golfers playing all year round, for training and tournament use.
Unleash your game! 520 balls are perfect for playing your first competitions.

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Easy spottingFind your ball on the course thanks to the bright colours.
SoftnessThe compression generated by the material creates a softness rated at 4/5
Ball controlSpin transfer with 2-piece construction is rated at 3/5
PrecisionA line exists on ball to make it easier to line up.
Waranty2 Years
Technical Information

It's the details that make the difference
the ball 520 has a compression rating of 78. The compression refers to the ball's stiffness. When the ball is hit, it either flattens or compresses before flying off. If your swing is not very fast, you need a low compression ball, as opposed to a high compression ball if you have a fast swing. Number of dimples:350 construction: 2-piece core: rubber Cover: Surlyn
Product history
This ball was designed to make it just as suitable for your first rounds on a course as it is for starting to play competitively. As a matter of fact, we wanted this ball to be affordable whilst being approved by the Royal & Ancient for playing competitively.
Inesis design process:
We develop our golf balls range to smooth the way for you to focus on playing. Developed by the team, tested on the golf course, we further improve our range by using all the customer feedback you send us. Thanks to the chemistry of customer feedback / brand expertise we improve our golfs balls to give you greater freedom to play your game!


Capacity12 balls
Information / Concept / Technologie
Inside room : 100.0% Rubber - Synthetic Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyethylene (PE)

We depend on our golfers to rate and approve our golf accessories. We take the feedback and rating they provide on our products into account and act accordingly when their review is unsatisfactory. You can review the customer ratings given to ball 520 below and why not take part in improving it by giving us your feedback.

Product test
This ball has been subjected to durability testing to check for its impact resistance to repeated hitting. These tests are performed by an external laboratory and serve to ensure that our quality requirements are met throughout the design process. If however your ball does not meet with your full satisfaction, give us your feedback and we will take the time to get back to you to talk about it!

Stockage tips
To optimise golf ball life span, store them at room temperature, away from heat sources and under standard humidity conditions.

Maintenance tips
Clean your golf ball as often as possible, ideally between shots (tee-off and before putting). Frequently inspect your golf ball to check it is in good condition, and to ensure good ball flight and precision.


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Great value, fantastic for beginners/intermediates
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Used for 3 to 6 months
These are highly visible, useful in poor light and for spotting in long grass. These also fly well and allow accuracy of shots at an excellent price. Better golfers will want a better quality ball but these are excellent for beginners and intermediate level golfers.
Visibility and performance
Not as good as the best balls
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