ONmove 120 GPS Connected Watch - Black



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athletes wanting to analyse their speed and distance and use key benchmarks to make progress.
Early indicators and benchmarks to help you progress (speed, pace, distance, target zone, laps). Transfer and analyse your activities on your computer using USB cable.

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Technical Information

Computer compatibility
Windows XP mini - Mac OS X 10.6 mini.
Stopwatch stops and starts automatically
The timer automatically pauses when you stop and restarts when you move again (this function can be disabled). Find out how to update your watch
Start without delay: FastFix technology
Thanks to the FastFix technology, you will receive the satellite signal more rapidly on your ONmove 120 GPS watch to start your activity without delay. The FastFix is updated when you sync your ONmove 120 with the ONconnect software. To download the ONconnect app, go to start.geonaute.com
Measurement set-up
The ONmove 120 GPS watch will provide you with essential data to help you progress easily: Stopwatch/Speed (instantaneous and average)/Pace (instantaneous and average)/Distance/Time/Date/Alarm/Back lit display
GPX session export
decathloncoach.com allows you to export your sessions as GPX files. Thus, you can continue to use your favourite sport app (Strava, Runkeeper etc.).
Automatic lap time
With this function, your ONMOVE 120 automatically gives your lap time based on a configurable distance. Find out how to update your watch
Manage your effort and achieve your goal, using target zones
The target zone helps you better manage your efforts and more easily reach your goals. The ONmove 120 GPS watch allows you to set target speed and pace zones With this feature, the GPS watch shows you, in real time, whether you are within the target zone you have set up. An on-screen graphic indicator and a sound signal tell you when you're out of the zone.
After-sales service
After-sales service is included with this model, and with all our watches: seal control and strap replacement. Contact one of our retail outlets.
Store your data, and analyse your performances and progress on decathloncoach.com
Download and store your sessions for life with your free decathloncoach account. View the details of your performance during your workout, compare sessions, challenge your friends, and follow your progress from year to year.
Size and weight
Weight: 51g / 0.1lb / 1.8oz | Thickness: 15mm | Diameter: 45.5mm.
Measure your progress: Lap time
The GPS ONmove 120 watch lets you manually track lap or split times. Every time you press the button, an info window gives your lap time, as well as the number of laps done. You can find this information on your decathloncoach.com account (in your route map and in the summary table).
IPX7 : splashproof GPS watch. Don't fear to run in the rain!
Improve your performance with interval training.
With this function, you can set up a full interval training: warmup time, active time, rest time and relax time, number of interval series and rest time between series. Find out how to update your watch
Battery life
7 hours in GPS use, 10 days in watch mode.Full charge in 1h30. Charge with micro USB/USB cable (included) and compatible with 5V-1A chargers and travel chargers. Lithium-ion battery.
Memory can store up to 80 hours of workout.
View session on decathloncoach.com
Use USB cable to transfer data from your GPS ONmove 120 watch to decathloncoach.com app and view your sessions: route completed, activity summary and graphs for detailed analysis of performance progress.
Information / Concept / Technology
Outcover : 50.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR), 40.0% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS), 10.0% Acrylic (PAN) Inside room : 80.0% PCBA, 20.0% Glass - Mineral

Product test
All Geonaute products are tested by a panel of users in the use conditions for which they were designed. These tests are coordinated and supervised by a team of engineers dedicated to this mission. All these tests allow the product managers, engineers and the whole Geonaute team to develop, create and design technical products that will satisfy our customers.

Maintenance tips
After-sales service is included with this model, and with all our watches: seal control, strap replacement and USB door replacement. Contact one of our retail outlets.