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Swing your arms to tone those muscles

Squash is a fantastic game where one can use the entire body, play at one's pace, and rejuvenate all the muscles. This racket sport requires just a racket and a ball and, of course, walls or courts. The game can have two or more players, too, and each one gets to hit a ball which bounces back, making the game more fun!

Questions which help you decide ! 

How does one choose a racket? Should you go by brands, size or ability? Should the racket be heavy or light? Should the grip be firm?

A wide range to choose from : Decathlon is a shopping site with a wide range of equipment's  to choose from where you will definitely find a racket fitting your requirements. Based on your experience level and your needs.

Top Features :

Purpose: The rackets can vary with the purpose. If you are a beginner, then the rackets need to have a larger head to encourage the player. Also, make sure the racket is not very heavy. Otherwise, you might lose the balance of it.

Type: Choose the appropriate string type. The tension in the strings will reflect on the speed of your ball.

Playability: Each person has a play style, and it is important to keep that in mind while choosing your racket. You should feel comfortable swinging the racket for the game.

Balance: The balance of the racket is the next requirement. Sometimes, they can be heavy and force the wrist to droop.

Begin your everyday sessions of this highly energetic sport as you buy a durable squash racket online, all for yourself, from Decathlon!


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