Squash Balls


Bounce off the Wall

The quality of the ball used in a game of any sort inevitably impacts the performance and enjoyment of the game. The requirement of the ball differs for each sport.

Questions which help you decideHow to choose the right ball? Should it be bounced around before use for better performance? The squash ball has special requirement for it to be bouncy. A good bouncing ball creates scope for a challenging game.

A wide range to choose from

Most sports balls are readily available at the Decathlon site. There is always a wide range of squash balls online to choose from, in several colours, and for different experience levels.

Top Features

Purpose: The type of ball will differ with the degree of the game one plays. The ball is classified into pro, competition, intro or progress balls.

Material: Some balls are made of raw butyl rubber. Different synthetic materials are also used for the same purpose.

Resilience: The excellence of a squash ball is merely in the ability of the ball in getting bouncy. The more the ball can bounce, the better it is for the player. The air inside the rubber ball should be able to expand with each use, and thus, become lighter and resilient.

The squash balls are easily available online, and can be obtained easily. It is, however, essential to know the level one plays, to choose from the range of balls available.


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