Travel Jacket

While on a backpacking trip, a backpacker explores the world, meets new people by getting out of comfort zone,  being in the unknown for several days, weeks or months. Hence the sport of Backpacking or Traveling doesn’t depend upon season, temperature and area and that’s why one has to stay travel-ready for beating all kinds of weather conditions. By analyzing all these things, we at Decathlon have designed a range of travel jackets keeping all your technical requirements in mind, because we know a travel jacket is inevitable in a backpacking trip as it safeguards a traveller/backpacker from the external conditions like rain, cold, wind etc.

Our popular/best-selling jacket:

Travel 100 3 in 1 Modular Travel Jacket: For winters, We have introduced 3 in 1 Winter Jackets which are waterproof and warm at the same time. Our Travel 100 3 in 1 Modular Travel Jacket is one of its kind because you can use the jacket as just a waterproof jacket during monsoon season or use it as a jacket to protect yourself from the snow. You can also use it as a soft and comfortable fleece jacket in mild cold temperatures. 

Our Range of Travel jackets is of the same technicality for both Men and Women. 

We have many more jackets for you in-store. We have a wide range of travel jackets for both men and women in different sizes, colours, and styles. Head to your nearest Decathlon’s store or buy the best travel jacket online from our website.


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