Travel Backpack

Travel Backpack

Backpacking is a sport in which you travel the world to explore, meet new people and understand a new culture. And travel backpack is the most important piece of gear you need when you head out to explore the world backpacking. One of the major aspects of backpacking is to get out of your comfort zone and to go into the unknown and hence you need durability and security in your travel gear. 

Our travel backpacks are specially designed for travelling the world with peace of mind as it is durable and comes with locks. 

Some of the features of our Travel backpacks are:

  • Multiple Compartments: It is important to keep all your necessary items neatly, especially while you’re travelling because you wouldn’t want to waste your time searching for an item when in need. This is why, at Decathlon, we design Travel Backpacks that come with multiple compartments for you to save time.

  • Abrasion Resistance: Our Travel bags come with a 10-years warranty, thanks to the reinforced fabrics and seams.

  • Comfort: With our backpacks, carry comfort on your shoulders as the straps are made of foam. It comes with a chest strap and load adjuster straps to offer you balance and comfort.

  • Capacity: We design bags of different capacities as per your requirement.

While backpacking you mostly explore on foot with your backpack on hence our backpacks come with honeycomb back support system and our Travel 500 series come with the easy-fit system. 

You can buy our value for money and the best Travel backpack range in Decathlon stores around the country as well as online in India. We provide 10 Years warranty in all our backpacks and 90 days easy and hassle-free returns.


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