Get introduced to the art and pleasures of cycling here. Btwin offers a wide range of cycles for all purposes available with various features and in different designs. Whether you're a lover of cycling, a keen enthusiast or even a beginner, we have a cycle to suit your needs. The btwin range of bicycles consists of cycles for all genders and we ...


Get introduced to the art and pleasures of cycling here. Btwin offers a wide range of cycles for all purposes available with various features and in different designs. Whether you're a lover of cycling, a keen enthusiast or even a beginner, we have a cycle to suit your needs. The btwin range of bicycles consists of cycles for all genders and we strongly believe that no age is a limitation to buy bikes online or from stores.

If you're looking for bicycles online, go through this category page to discover the various bikes offered by btwin, whether it's for transportation, recreation, exercise or sport. From family/group bike rides, to racing, to touring, you can be sure to find the cycle you're looking for.

The Btwin categories are separated in accordance to the type or family they belong to. The features of the bicycles range between single speed basic bikes to 24 speed bikes which can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions. This range includes leisure bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrids and folding bikes. The junior cycles range is segregated in accordance to size and age with separate features of an amalgamation of single speed and gear bicycles. This section consists of attractive designs and gender-based colours for a better visual appeal.

2. Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bicycles are a blend of characteristics of road bikes, mountain bikes and touring bikes. The resulting hybrid is a bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions. The Btwin hybrid bikes, also commonly known as touring bikes are ultra-endurance trekking bikes which can be taken anywhere in any weather condition. The bikes have undergone rigorous testing to ensure maximum resistance, durability and efficiency.

Hybrid cycles usually have flat, straight handlebars and an upright seating posture similar to that of a mountain bike making it comfortable and intuitive for beginners. A hybrid bicycle also usually has a lighter weight, thinner wheels and smooth tires similar to road bikes which is effective for speed and causes less exertion while riding on the road.

The Btwin hybrid bike range consists of 24 speed cycles with shimano push and pull shifters adding convenience on long-distance tours. The frame is usually aluminium which is lighter when compared to steel. The V brakes are also aluminium contributing to a progressive braking system in all conditions. The front suspension provides comfort and better grip in all riding conditions. The models are segregated by gender with attractive colours and designs.

The hybrid cycle has an inherent feature of having places to mount racks and bags for transporting belongings and for touring conveniences. To have a bike look like one of the best hybrid bikes, compliment it with various bags and travel accessories.

3. Folding Bikes

Btwin Folding Bikes are the coolest bikes in the entire range, designed to fold into a compact form, facilitating transport and storage. The convenience which comes along with the folding bike is worth the mention. They can be easily placed in your car or stored in your apartment. They are extremely user-friendly and mobile and a perfect choice in case taking a public transport is included in the cycling schedule. The real purpose of a folding cycle is to increase its portability.

Btwin folding cycles primarily function as a city commuter to get around town conveniently. The btwin range has models in the folding bike category both with and without gear. All the models have V brakes which ensures a progressive braking system around traffic in the urban areas. The 6- speed folding bicycle also has rear suspension and aluminium body spring shock absorbers for better comfort and easy commuting.These bikes are comfortable also because of the sponge saddle. Another notable feature is the hi-ten steel handlebar which is raised to increase comfort. The folding cycles are usually unisex and available in attractive designs.

For folding bicycle India, this category page is a beneficial option to discover the different bikes in the category with different features.

4. Mountain Bikes

A mountain bike is also commonly known as a mtb suitable for rocky and uneven terrain including uphills and slopes. Whether it's for leisure or riding over the most difficult terrain. Btwin mountain bikes are designed for all terrains for bikers from beginners to experts.

Mtb cycles are comfortable which serves as the primary advantage even on the toughest terrains. The comfort level is provided by a sophisticated suspension system and numerous gears. Most of our mtb bikes come with full suspension for both the back and the front wheel. Suspension increases comfort and reduces fatigue for the rider. The bikes are designed with a numerous gear system in order to accommodate all types of terrain making it easier for the rider to pedal efficiently.

Another notable feature in some of the mountain bikes are the disc brakes which have replaced the rim brakes. Disc brakes are of two types, hydraulic disc brakes which offer a more progressive braking with less finger strain and the other is the cable activated mechanical brakes. The advantages of disc brakes are that they offer more consistent braking, best for steep terrain while mountain biking preventing finger strain. Rim brakes are common in entry-level mountain bikes.

Low handlebars on mtb'smakes pedalling comfortable and great for covering long distances. If you're looking for mountain bikes in India which come with the above features, you can go through all the bikes in this category for different expertise levels.

5. Road Bikes

The term road bike is used to describe bicycles designed for travelling at speed on paved roads. These bikes are also commonly known as racing bikes which are suitable for speed lovers, road riding or even simple bike strolls. Btwin road bikes are designed both for cyclists who are learning how to ride on the roads as well as for practitioners seeking speed. The range consists of bikes for beginners, sports road bikes for practitioners and also works as a racing bike for amateurs. The primary idea is both for fitness for those wanting to explore the road and enjoy the pleasures of riding and also for training.

Road bikes are efficient because they are sturdy and light. Their aerodynamic position has been carefully designed for powerful pedalling which is convenient for long journeys. However, these bikes generally come with thin saddles designed for riders wearing cushioning. All our road bikes consist of aluminium frames, the reason being that aluminium is relatively light and strong making it the ideal material. Some of the road bikes come with a carbon fork to provide increased comfort to the relatively harsh ride provided by aluminium. The tires are narrow with high pressure and smooth also to decrease rolling resistance.

Road bikes have a smooth-shifting gear system and powerful brakes which are also more responsive compared to other bikes.

6. City Bikes

Btwin City bikes are mainly designed and sized for urban riding whether its daily commuting, for fitness or occasional leisure rides. These are the most comfortable bicycles in the Btwin range.

These cycles are built for user comfort with a gel saddle and a “Y” shaped frame which helps the body to maintain an upright position. A city bike is usually a unisex cycle with a lowered frame design for easy step-over. It has an aluminium frame which keeps the weight of the cycle light. It has a 21-speed gear system which can accommodate both uphill and downhill terrain. Since it is a road bike, it is not recommended for off - road or mountainous terrains.

Discover the bicycle online on this category page and see the different models with slightly different features designed for the same purpose. To buy bikes online, you can go through the other available categories of bicycles online and discover the different designs and features designed for separate purposes.

7. Kids Bikes

The Btwin kids cycle range is created with the youngest ones in mind. These cycles for kids are available within the range of 14inches to 24inches.

To begin with the tiniest, the 14inches kids bike functions as a learner bike for the little ones. These bikes are specially designed to fit even the youngest rider with specifically designed handle bars and seats. The bike can be adjusted according to the child's height. Another convenient feature is that the training wheels can be removable once the child becomes an expert rider.

The 16inches bicycle for kids is specifically designed for young children with a low frame that allows the child to paddle efficiently. The break handle in these cycles are equipped with a more ergonomic, easy-to-use powerful brakes. These cycles for kids come in attractive colours and designs.

The 20 inch kids bicycle has models both with and without gear. The ones which come with V-brakes and a gear system ensures that the child can stop and paddle effortlessly. These bikes are fully equipped with light, horns, reflectors etc. The single speed model is not too fancy but is a basic bike which is helping kids learn the art of cycling.

The 24inch cycle for kids also has two types of models with and without gear. These are mountain bikes specially designed for children with a set of gears to make them easy to ride. The single speed bikes in this range are simple, durable and customizable.

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