Sleeping Bag and Mattress

Sleeping Bags and Mattress

Camping is an activity where you are closest to nature. Away from the comforts of your home, you are required to push your boundaries when on a hike and there is nothing better than sliding into your sleeping bag at the end of a tiring hike. For a wholesome hiking experience, one needs proper rest to relax the mind and the body before heading out to continue the hike. At Decathlon, we design sleeping bags and camping mattresses that are comfortable, spacious, keeping you cosy so that you’d never miss your bed throughout the hike. 

Things to look out for before buying the right sleeping bag: 

  • Sleeping Pad: A sleeping pad is a vital gear that every backpacker should include while heading out for a hike or a trek. With a sleeping pad, the important aspect to look out for is the material of the sleeping pad. Choose one that provides the maximum warmth and is the lightest so that carrying it around would not be troublesome. 

  • Bag Cut: Bag cuts are usually categorized into two mummy cut and rectangular cut. Mummy cut has a snug fit and is great in improving the warmth. But at the same time, it would not be ideal for all seasons due to this property. The rectangular-cut is more spacious but does not improve the warmth.   

  • Insulation: Insulation for sleeping bags can be categorized into Down and Synthetic. If you’re buying your first sleeping bag, it’s safer to go with a synthetic sleeping bag because of the durability properties and can be used across various seasons without losing its insulation properties. 

  • Storage: When buying a sleeping bag, always buy a stuff sack with it to store your gear while on the move. A good stuff sack would help in keeping your sleeping bag dry while you’re on a hike. It’s better not to store the bag in a stuff sack for long periods otherwise the insulation would wear out. 

  • Testing: Before buying a sleeping bag, make sure to test it. Check if there is enough room for you to fit well without being squished. If in doubt, always go for a larger size. Another detail to check out is the friction between the bag and the sleeping pad. If there isn’t enough friction, you’d be constantly sliding off every time you move.  

Now head to your nearest Decathlon store to buy camping sleeping bags or buy the best sleeping bags online!

Decathlon Sleeping Bags are more Durable & Affordable.

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Sleeping Bag Liner (Polyester) - Grey

Rs. 499


Sleeping Bag Arpenaz 20°c - Blue

Rs. 999


Sleeping Bag Arpenaz 15° - Blue

Rs. 1,299


Sleeping Bag Arpenaz 10° - Brown

Rs. 1,499


Trek500 15°light Trekking Sleeping Bag - Green

Rs. 2,499


Trek500 10° Trekking Sleeping Bag - Light Blue

Rs. 3,499


Trek500 0° Trekking Sleeping Bag - Orange

Rs. 4,499


Trekking Sleeping Bag Trek 900 0° Feathers - Yellow

Rs. 10,999


Down Sleeping Bag Simond Makalu Ii Light - Size L

Rs. 15,999


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