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Hiking Bags and Backpack

The most essential must-haves of a hiker is a backpack. The right hiking bag, with the right volume, can make your hiking easy and enjoyable. And, it’s wise to think and invest wisely in your hiking bag as it will go with you for a long duration and you don’t want to waste money again on a new backpack. This is why we, at decathlon, design hiking backpacks for hikers like you who are looking for a technical bag to not just store but organize all the accessories neatly. 

We have classified our backpacks from 10 litres to 40 litres depending on the duration and needs of the hiker. The functionality of these hiking bags depends on the intensity and demands of the terrain.

  • Quechua Hiking Backpack has been divided into 2 categories, Nature Hiking and Mountain Hiking.

  • On the duration front, we have classified the backpacks into 4 capacities, half a day hike (10 Liter), full-day hike (20 Liter), more than a day hike (30 & 40 Liters).

How to choose the right backpack:

  • If you want to hike in nature for 2 days then you need a backpack which is lightweight, easy and practical, so buy a backpack up to a volume of 10 litres - 40 litres.

  • If you are going to trek in the mountains for several days, then you need a backpack 50l to 90 l+ which is durable, easy to access, and comfort fit.

  • If you are going to travel around the world for several days, weeks, or months, then you require a backpack that is durable, secure, and easy to carry. 

All our Backpacks have a warranty of 10 years. We have got your Back(pack) for Hiking.

Some of the features that our hiking bags offer are:

  • Multiple Compartments: It is important to keep all your necessary items neatly, especially while you’re travelling because you wouldn’t want to waste your time searching for an item when in need. This is why, at Decathlon, we design hiking Backpacks that come with multiple compartments for you to save time.

  • Abrasion Resistance: Our hiking bags come with a 10-yr warranty, thanks to the reinforced fabrics and seams.

  • Comfort: With our backpacks, carry comfort on your shoulders as the straps are made of foam. It comes with a chest strap and load adjuster straps to offer you balance and comfort.

  • Capacity: We design bags of different capacities as per your requirement.

Now buy the one that suits all your needs! Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best hiking backpack online.


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