Camping Furniture

Camping Furniture

Camping is an outdoor activity involving overnight stays away from home in a shelter, amidst Nature, such as a tent or a recreational vehicle. It helps you leave the busy distractions behind, and be one with Nature. And Camping is best enjoyed with Camping Furniture. We, at Decathlon, design a range of Camping furniture for you to have the best time outdoors.  Our range of Camping furniture enables you to sit down, relax and lie down, amidst nature.

Explore a range of Camping furniture options available at Decathlon:

  • Camping Chair: We designed this folding, reclining armchair so you can sit down at your campsite and recover in comfort. This camping chair is designed to offer you a top-of-the-range and ultra-comfortable armchair with a headrest, 2 armrests and above all, a wide, reclining ventilated backrest with several resting positions.

  • Camping Table: We designed this folding and compact table for your camping outings. It comfortably seats up to 4 people for eating a meal. This camping table does not occupy a lot of space in the boot of a car. You can comfortably seat 4 people around the table. It offers durability, easy transport, and easy opening and closing.

  • Hammock: You can use this practical and multipurpose product for camping as well as in the middle of nature. This is designed to provide a multi-purpose hammock for sleeping comfortably almost anywhere! It is lightweight and very easy to assemble. It is machine washable.

  • Camping Stool: Buy Camping stool for simple and effective extra seating. It is foldable and easy to carry. 

Enhance your campsite with Chairs, Tables and Hammocks to enjoy nature and soak in the view. Foldable, compact and easy to carry, these are the perfect add-ons to your camping essentials. Now head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best camping furniture online!


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