Golf Balls

How to Choose a Golf Ball

Pick the right Golf Ball for your game

While it is important to choose the right clubs to play Golf, it is equally important to choose the right golf balls to play. The technology that goes into the making of golf balls now is much more advanced than before, and you will have several factors to consider when picking one.

Questions which help you decide:

When you buy golf balls, there are several questions you must ask yourself so that you're completely sure of what you buy. You must spend a good amount of time determining what kind of ball you want, what kind of construction you want the ball to have and the spin and compression on it.

Top Features:

Construction: This refers to the structure a ball and the way it has been designed. One-piece balls usually have dimples in them and these are soft, durable and very affordable. The two-piece balls are more common and have a single solid core, usually made of hard plastic. There are also 3 and four-piece golf balls which have the advantages of both 1 and two piece.

Spin: As the name suggests, another factor is the spin on a ball and there are three types – Low spin, mid spin, and high spin. High spin golf balls have more control while low spin ones will go straight and land with more of a roll.

Compression: The compression of a golf ball is the measure of deflection when you hit a golf ball which is measured between 0 and 200. Most golf balls typically have a range between 50 and 100. Balls with lower compression are softer and give more distance while balls with a higher compression give more control and are used by more pro players who can produce swings at faster speeds.


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