Club Bows

Club Bows

How to Choose an Archery Bow

Archery is one of the best sports around. The latest state-of-the-art bows are designed for high performance in the sport of archery. The associated technology has advanced greatly in recent years, and the selection available now, is comprehensive. Shop with Decathlon for the latest archery bows which deliver incredible accuracy for serious archers. Also, view our arrows range.

Questions which help you decide:

Before you choose your bow, spend some time identifying your needs so that you make the right choice and decision when you buy a bow online. For instance, you should first determine whether you would need a right-hand bow or a left-hand bow, your preference of the draw weight and draw length of the bow and what let-off setting you to prefer. It is inevitable that making these choices will take time, but once you do, you can be assured of the perfect archery experience.

A wide range to choose from:

Decathlon's online store has a wide variety of bows to choose from, Buy a bow in India from the comfort of your home or office, by taking the time to weigh the features, and to identify the one which is right for you.

Top Features:

Recurve or Compound Bow: While recurve bows are the most traditional type of bows, compound bows are more technologically advanced. A Recurve bow is simpler to use and may be the right choice for a beginner.

Single or Double Cam: Single cam bows have just one cam on the lower limb, and a rounder idler wheel on the top limb. Double cam bows have two identical cams, which are bound together by bow cables.

Whether you plan to practise archery at professional tournaments, or in friendly matches, make sure you have the equipment which supports your skill when. Buy a bow at Decathlon today, and start your journey to becoming an accomplished Archer.

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