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Just Keep Them Swimming!

Did you know that 10 minutes of swimming burns up to 5 times more calories as walking for the same duration? Your little one will develop great physical stamina, strong body and a healthy habit for a lifetime with the introduction of swimming early into his childhood. A good swimming trunks can greatly aid his swimming.

Questions which help you decide

Before zeroing on a swimming trunk, consider your usage pattern. For slightly shorter durations, briefs which provide a larger coverage on the legs can be a perfect fit. However, they could cause an additional drag while swimming. Nylon is preferred by professionals as it is more flexible and beginners favour polyester for the material's durability.

A wide range to choose from

The online store of Decathlon offers you abundant choices in boy's swimwear. You can select from colours and designs.

Top Features

Comfort: Swimsuits for kids reduce the danger of chafing or abrasions. For higher usage, shorter swimming trunks are more desirable. Another important consideration is the material of the trunk. Options include Nylon, Lycra or Polyester.

Hygiene: Boy's swimwear do not absorb water thus ensuring durability, easy maintainability and good hygiene.

Breathability: Built-In mesh in boy's swimwear provides comfort, thereby making the exercise a joyous experience.

Check out the Decathlon website to invest in quality boys swimwear and watch your little champ speed away.


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