Cricket Shoes

Cricket Shoes

Cricket, also known as a gentleman’s game is the game loved by people all over the world. The game is not just religiously watched but played by kids and adults in stadiums, streets, and in the classrooms also. But when you’re playing with a proper leather ball, in a field, make sure that you wear the right pair of cricket shoes. Whether you are batting, fielding or wicketkeeping, make sure you always wear a good pair of cricket shoes. Not wearing the right pair of cricket shoes can result in unnecessary injury while you’re running. This is why we, at Decathlon, design cricket shoes for you so that you can play non stop. We have a wide range of cricket sports shoes, explore and buy cricket shoes online from our website. 

Our shoes are made by keeping all the technical requirements of the game in mind. Made for regular as well as intense use on the hard ground. We also design kids’ cricket shoes, now encourage your little ones to get outside and play!

Some of the benefits of our cricket sports shoes:

  • Impact Protection: Our cricket shoes come with enhanced Protection for the Toe. Now let those balls come at you!

  • Cushioning: Our cricket sports shoes come with molded EVA Mid Sole that provides cushioning and provides you with comfort while you are on the field.

  • Traction: Our cricket shoes come with a durable sole that provides a superior grip on the playing surface.

With the right pair of cricket sports shoes, it is also important to wear the right pair of cricket socks. Our cricket socks are specially designed for cricket and other outdoor sports. Our cricket socks have added comfort and sweat absorption property. Play with great comfort now with the best cricket shoes and cricket socks.


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