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Cricket T-shirts and Track pants

 It won’t be wrong to say that cricket is one of the most popular sport, especially in India. People have been watching and playing the game for over centuries now, and the craze still continues! This game of bat and ball is played not only by cricketers who play for their nation but also by budding cricketers and sports enthusiasts. And if you are someone who gets an adrenaline rush by your dream of playing one day for the country, then you must be already practising on a daily basis. But, with the right pair of a bat, ball, and thigh guard, do you also have a right pair of cricket dress? If not, it’s high time you explore cricket dress online on Decathlon’s website and buy one for yourself.

Cricket T-shirts: Cricket requires a lot of hard work, practise, and the right cricket t shirt as well. We, at Decathlon, understand that it is uncomfortable when your t shirt can’t wick away the sweat, this led us to design breathable cricket t shirt. We have cricket t shirts for adults and cricket t shirts for kids. Our cricket t shirts provide good moisture management and freedom of movement so you can play your best game. Explore a wide range of tshirts online. And if you want entire cricket feels, buy our white cricket jersey. 

Cricket track pants: Cricket demands for you to run frequently, whether you are a batsman or a bowler. This is why we make sure you feel comfortable in your track pants. We design track pants which won’t hinder your movements. Its fabric wicks away the sweat so you don’t feel itchy even when you’re wearing it for long hours. Cricket track pants are available for both adults as well as kids. 

Now buy cricket jersey online and rock your cricket match as well as cricket practise sessions. 



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