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Trekking or playing any sport on a hot sunny day can completely drain your energy but wearing a light cap can protect you from the sun. A cap can also be used as a fashion accessory that will definitely up your style game. A cap can also be a very useful accessory while you travel. Wear your comfortable pair of shorts and tshirt and put on a cap and you are all set to travel in style. A cap is one of the must-have accessories if you go out in the sun often. This is why we, at Decathlon, design durable, comfortable, and lightweight caps for you. Explore a wide range of caps online!

Features of our caps:

  • Sun Protection:  Our caps offer sun protection for your head as well as the face.

  • Moisture Management: Our caps are made of fabric that wicks away the sweat keeping you cool.

  • Anatomic Design: Our caps come with an adjustment system at the back for a snug fit.

  • Durability: Invest once in Decathlon’s cap and use it for years.

  • Quick Drying: Our caps are made of synthetic fabric that is breathable and dries quickly.

For trekkers, we have designed a special cap that comes with a neck protector. The speciality of this cap is that the neck protector is made of UV protective fabric and can be removed when you want to use it as a regular cap. 

Now buy the best cap online of your colour of choice.

Decathlon Caps are more Durable & Affordable.

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Best Selling Caps

Cap Price


Trek 100 Mountain Trekking Cap - Blue

Rs. 149


Arpenaz 20 Burnt Green Cap

Rs. 199


W500 Boys' Gym Cap - Black Print

Rs. 299


Tc 100 Soft Racket Sports Cap - Navy

Rs. 349


Roadr 520 Ultralight Cycling Cap - Black

Rs. 399


Trek 700 Mountain Trekking Cap - Petrol

Rs. 499


Trek 900 Mountain Trekking Uv Protective Cap - Brown

Rs. 699


Desert Trekking Cap Uv-protection Desert 500 - Brown

Rs. 799


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