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Sports Shoes

It’s necessary to indulge yourself in some sort of physical activity as staying fit is the key to a good and healthy life. Whether you are a beginner or an athlete, whether you choose to join a gym or run in your nearby park, having a good and comfortable shoe is the first step to begin with any fitness routine.

At Decathlon, we have a wide range of options available for both men and women. Peppy colours, chic designs and comfortable fits, these sports shoes are bound to make your training fun.

How to select the right pair of sports shoes?

Cardio, weight, strength and cross-training are all basic fitness practices that require specific shoes to keep you safe. How do you choose the right ones? Choosing the right fitness shoes depends on how frequently you train and your intensity level. Several criteria should be considered: stability, cushioning and support.

Stability: If you do weight training (bodyweight or with weights) or cross-training, choose a model with a solid base to stabilise your bodyweight. The width of the sole, especially at the forefoot, is important to encourage proper toe movement and ensure good balance throughout your movements.

Cushioning: During a fitness session, you are performing a variety of movements at different paces. The theoretical impact in most disciplines is low, but the need for cushioning varies from one person to another (based on build, injuries, shoe habits). If you have a greater need for cushioning, you should check whether the shoe has a shock absorption mechanism, as well as the type, hardness and thickness of the component used for the sole.

Support: If you do fitness regularly, support is a very important criterion to consider to keep your feet healthy in all disciplines. It can, for example, be characterised by side reinforcements and an effective lacing system that adapts to the shape of your foot.

Some of the common benefits of all our sports shoes are:

  • Flexibility: Move around easily with our shoes as they offer great flexibility.

  • Lightweight: At Decathlon, we make sure that all our sports shoes are light in weight so you can perform your fitness activity without any burden.

  • Fitting Comfort: When it comes to comfort, you can just sit back and rely on us as we understand comfort is your utmost priority. 

Stay healthy with Decathlon’s sports shoes. Whether you need shoes for walking, training, running, hiking, or any particular sport, we have got you covered. At Decathlon, we pay attention to the requirement of a sport and your feet, and keeping all the requirements, we design the best sports shoes for you. Now head to your nearest Decathlon’s store or buy the best sports shoes online from our website. 

Decathlon Sports Shoes are more Durable & Affordable.

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Best Selling Sports Shoes

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Walking Shoes For Women Pw 100 - Grey

Rs. 599


Run 100 Men's Running Shoes - Grey

Rs. 799


Run Cushion Men's Running Shoe - Black/Yellow

Rs. 1,299


Protect 100 Beginner High-rise Basketball Shoes - Black

Rs. 1,499


Men's Hiking Shoes Nh150 (Waterproof) - Blue

Rs. 1,999


Run Comfort Men's Running Shoes - Green

Rs. 2,699


Men's Warm Mid Snow Hiking Shoes Sh120 - Grey.

Rs. 3,499


Men's Hiking Shoe Mh500 (Waterproof) - Blue/Orange

Rs. 4,499


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