Badminton Shoes For Men

Whether you love playing badminton just for fun or you’re a professional, the right pair of shoes will take you and your game a long way. Every game needs different shoes based on the game’s requirement and we, at Decathlon, understand each game and its requirements very well. Buy badminton shoes online from Decathlon before you head for your next match.

Men’s Badminton Shoes:

Not wearing the right pair of shoes can cause injury and you obviously don’t want to slow down or lose because of your shoes. This is why we design men’s badminton shoes for you to have a comfortable and good experience at the court. We have a range of shoes available in different designs, colours, and sizes. Choose the one that fits you best and get ready for some sharp and powerful movements!

Some of the features of our shoes for beginners are:

  • Lightweight: Good combination between Mesh and PU upper reduces the overall weight

  • Cushioning: The DIAPAD heel insert and EVA sole provide great cushioning.

  • Stability: Soft foam with reinforcement on the ankle area enhances stability

  • Grip: Non-marking natural rubber sole that's perfect for sports halls.

We also design shoes for intermediate to advanced level players to provide additional features like:

  • Energy Return: IN'UP permits to return the energy and to be dynamic for jumps and supports

  • Abrasion Resistance: Heavily reinforced in areas that are prone to wear. Natural rubber outsole.

  • Breathability: Fabric parts for good foot ventilation.


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