Badminton Shoes

Badminton is a sport loved by many. People all over not only watch this game but also play it. And if you’re someone who plays badminton, then make sure you have the right pair of badminton shoes with you. Whether you love playing badminton just for the fun of it or you’re a professional, the right pair of shoes will take you and your game a long way. You must be wondering why can’t you just play with a pair of shoes you already have at home - because every game needs different shoes based on the game’s requirement and you might slip in the court if you are playing badminton with your regular shoes or sneakers. We, at Decathlon, understand this very well. This is why we design best in class badminton shoes for men and women. Explore a wide range of badminton shoes in various sizes and colours. Check our website now and choose the one that fits you best and get ready for some sharp and powerful movements!

Some of the features of our badminton shoes are:

  • Lightweight: Our badminton shoes are light in weight because of the good combination between Mesh and PU upper reduces the overall weight.

  • Cushioning: The DIAPAD heel insert and EVA sole provide great cushioning to protect comfort to your feet.

  • Stability: Soft foam with reinforcement on the ankle area not only enhances stability but protects you from injuries.

  • Grip: Our badminton shoes provide a great grip over the surface. The non-marking natural rubber sole is perfect for sports halls and protects you from slipping on the floor.

We also design badminton shoes for kids. So if you’re planning to put your kid in a coaching class or he plays occasionally with you or his/her friends, the get him/her a pair of badminton shoes as it will encourage him to play his best game. 

Buy the best badminton shoes online from our website!


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