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Aquashoes, Water shoes

Wearing the right shoes while playing any sport or doing any activity is of utmost importance. Similarly, it’s important to have aqua shoes for water sports or any water-related activity as any other shoes won’t provide you with the comfort and protection needed near a seaside. Are you planning a holiday to the seaside? Buy aqua shoes online from our website and protect your feet from the hot sand of the beach and other sharp material that might be lying near the shore.

How to choose the right aqua shoes?

Protection: Make sure you buy aqua shoes that protect you from the hot sand of the beach and also from rocks and pebbles. Buy an aqua shoe that covers your entire foot and has thick soles. At Decathlon, we design aqua shoes that provide you with the utmost protection.

Traction: Surfaces (boat docks, decks, or floor of the nearby shop) near Beachside/Sea are slippery. This is why wearing beach shoes that provide good traction against the surface is very important. At Decathlon, we make sure that you never slip and fall. This is why we design the best in class aqua shoes that provide good traction against the slippery surface.

Lightweight: We know that you don’t want to slow down when you are on holiday. And your shoes should be the last thing to hold you back from enjoying to the fullest. During a holiday, you will be walking a lot and this is why we design aqua shoes that are lightweight.

Quick Drying: The main feature to look for in aqua shoes is how quickly it dries as wearing wet shoes is uncomfortable and you might also catch some water infection. This is why the design and components used for making Decathlon’s aqua shoes dry quickly so you never face any discomfort.

Fit: Make sure you get the right size for your feet- too tight and you will land up with bites and too loose then you may even lose them underwater! Even a tiny break in the skin can cause a lot of discomfort in the water and ruin your experience.

Comfort: Get a pair that feels comfortable to walk even outside the water as it can save your feet from the burning hot sand on the beach when walking to your dive site.

Pick a well-fitted pair from our range of aqua shoes for adults and children. We also have a wide range of accessories for scuba diving like wetsuits, fins, masks and snorkels.

We, at Decathlon, design aqua shoes in various colours and sizes. Find a pair from our neat collection at Decathlon and make sure your holiday at the sea is hassle-free.


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