Kids Cricket Kit

Kids Cricket Kit

You are a lucky parent if your kid loves playing cricket instead of video games. Cricket is not only one of the best and exciting career options but a great way to keep your kid active. We, at Decathlon, want the best for your kid as you do. We know how to encourage your little ones to play the game more often, this is why we designed a cricket kit for kids. There are a whole lot of options on our website. From cricket gloves to cricket pads, we have got everything for the safety of your kid. Now don’t worry about your kid getting hurt on the ground. All you have to do is give them a cricket kit and see the progress he/she makes.

Cricket batting glove: We design cricket gloves for kids so they can play safely without getting an injury on their hand. This technical batting glove is made for regular usage during cricket practice and competitive matches. The palm of the gloves is made of leather that provides a good hand grip with the bat. 

We also have cricket wicket keeping gloves for kids. 

Cricket batting pad: Cricket batting pads were designed to protect the batsman from the ball. But, have you seen someone struggle to run because of heavy batting pads? This led us to design lightweight batting pads that won’t slow you down. Decathlon’s cricket batting pad also provides freedom of movement and good impact protection. The flexible ergonomic construction + straps ensure easy shot-making/ running.

Cricket helmet: We all know how important it is to protect your head while batting. Long back, people used to wear a cap to protect their head, but that wasn’t the best idea, so later in time cricket helmets came into the picture. With providing protection to your head, we also make sure you don’t feel hot and sweaty inside your helmet. Buy a cricket helmet for your kid that will let him/her play comfortably.

We focus on safety so your child can focus on becoming the next cricket hero! What are you waiting for? Buy a cricket kit for kids now from our website!

We also have Cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket shoes, cricket tshirts and trackpants for adults.


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