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Row Row Row Your Kayak

Having your own kayaks is one thing and owning inflatable kayaks is quite another. These kayaks are easy to transport to your water destination and don't require any expensive additional fittings for your vehicle to carry them around.

Questions which help you decide

Kayaking is an incredibly relaxing activity and owning a kayak will give you the freedom to set out to a little lake or a water body where people are allowed to steer their way through a peaceful day. Inflatable kayaks are easy to stick in the back of your car and can be inflated in no time.

At Decathlon we have a good range of kayaks for you to choose from.

We have a range of accessories for your kayaking activities in the water like buoyancy vests, paddles, pumps and dry bags to carry your essentials or even a camera. We also provide a reparation kit for your inflatable kayak. Buy a kayak, India or abroad, at extremely affordable prices and get great quality and assurance at that!

Top Features

Size: Pick the size of the kayak you want depending on the number of people to fit in and also as per your budget.

Benefits: Inflatable kayaks are much easier to carry and don't need large vehicles with special fittings to transport them.

Fitness: Kayaking is a great way to build upper body and arm strength while having a great time!

Repairable: Our inflatable kayaks can be easily repaired with a handy repair kit and you can do this anywhere and on your own.

Get an inflatable kayak, India or abroad, online at Decathlon and start steering your way to a healthier, fitter and more adventurous you!


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