Gear Cycles

Cycles are of two types - Gearless and Geared cycles. With Gearless, the cycles moves and the speed is regulated on the basis of how the cyclist pedals. This kind of cycle has a single gear ratio and thus the faster you pedal, the faster the cycle would go and vice versa. Whereas, cycles with gear have multiple gear ratios that allow the cyclist to choose the gear based on the terrain he/she is riding on. Gear cycles also come with derailleurs that lets one shift between the different cogs to maintain cadence even though the terrain can differ. Cadence is the rate at which you pedal per minute and usually, cyclists like to maintain their cadence in the range of 60 to 90 RPM which puts less stress on the muscles and they can cycle for longer durations with less fatigue. 

Our range of Decathlon Gear Cycles is suitable for terrains of all kinds and is designed to satisfy all needs and requirements of yours!

What do we offer? 

Mountain Cycles: Mountain cycles as the name suggest are ones designed for off-road cycling. For mountain bikes, the durability of the bike is the most important feature. Cycling up the mountains and scaling its peaks demands a lot, not just from the cyclist, but also from this gear in terms of the ability to provide a pleasant riding experience while the terrain becomes uneven. For mountain bikes, the addition of gears reduces the effort to be put in by the cyclist when going up steep surfaces so that precious energy is conserved and this can be used to go farther. 

At Decathlon, we design mountain gear bicycles with 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle for maximum efficiency and are designed to be extremely lightweight with an all-carbon frame. Our 21 gear cycle also comes with 100mm self-locking fork for maximum shock absorption and Level T dual-piston 160mm disc brakes for excellent stopping power. 

Road Cycles: As much as riding along the mountains or off-road is fun, riding in the city is fun too. With riding within the city on rough roads, there arises a list of challenges that can stop the rider from having the best possible experiences. At Decathlon, we understand what your needs are and the designing process revolves around how these demands can be met. At Decathlon, we design gear cycles for the road with S geometry that provides great comfort and help you push your limits by riding longer at the same time. Our road bikes are designed with an aluminium frame, carbon fork, aluminium pivot and are lightweight with direct mount brakes for maximum precision. 

Hybrid Cycles: Hybrid cycles are bikes that can be used on both earthy or off roach tracks and on roads with ease. These cycles offer a mix of features from mountain bikes and road bikes and thus can be used when you’re riding up the mountains, within the city or the countryside, etc. At Decathlon, we design hybrid cycles that can take on any terrain that you throw at it. It comes with tyres that are suitable for road and trails and the 9-speed drivetrain is easy to use. These gear bicycles are designed to provide you with maximum comfort with optimal frame geometry and comes with the frame, rims, and other components made of aluminium. 

Kids Cycles: Gear cycles though mostly designed for adults, is a great upgrade for kids who have years of experience riding on different terrains With gears, they attain better control over the cycle and teach them how to utilize minimal energy when riding by using the right gear. Gear cycle for kids is mostly suitable for kids above the age of 8 so that they can fully understand the benefits of having gears. At Decathlon, we have gear cycle for kids between the age of 8 to 12. Designed with a 6-speed grip shifter, v brakes, and derailleur guard, we provide you with the best mix of safety, durability, and ease of use for your kid when riding our cycles. 

Folding Cycles: Folding bikes are a great option for rides within the city and the foldability of these bikes make it’s easy to transport it around, carry it while on a bus or a metro and store away when you’ve reached your destination. Folding bikes make for a great alternative for motor cyles and promote greener means of transport. We design folding bikes that can be taken anywhere and can be easily stored in the boot of your car so you’re ever ready for an adventure! Decathlon’s folding bikes take just 30 seconds to fold and unfold and thanks to its 6-speed gear mechanism, it is perfect for a short adventure no matter what the terrain may be. 

Head to the Decathlon online store if you’re looking for your first gear cycle for adults or kids or are looking for an excellent replacement!


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