Training and Game Accessories

The Little Things about Football

Everyday football requires two goalposts, a ball, and players. However, when it comes to real football, there are some things that you would need in the field apart from just these. A referee's whistle, protective shin pads, to name a few are other football accessories that are of utmost importance.

Questions which will help you decide

Firstly, take a decision on a list of things that you might need to promote a good game of football. Secondly, decide on the safety measures the players would require. While making the list, imagine a professional football match and you'll be reminded of all the things you might need to invest in!

A wide range to choose from

Decathlon brings to you a great variety of football equipment used during a real match and all these items are available in different colours, sizes, and types.

Top features

Whistles: A referee would need a good whistle to flag off the game and make important decisions. The iconic sound of the whistle is what brings the real feeling of the game to the match.

Goalposts: Without a goal post, there's no goal. And without a goal, there's no winning in football. One can choose from different kinds of goalposts depending on size, type, and colour.

Cones: A football field always has cones of different types to mark boundaries. It is especially essential for training footballers.

Protection: Other football accessories such as shin pads and bands are crucial and help to protect the body from injuries and sweat.

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