NORTHSEA 290 Handline fishing rod



Made for

expert still anglers at sea.
This powerful rod lets you cast heavy rigs from the shore or on-board a boat.

PowerThis rod is able to cast rigs from 80 g to 170 g.
PrecisionThe rigidity of the carbon promotes accurate casting.
VersatilityThis rod can be used on the shore or on-board a boat.
Ergonomic gripWith a foam handle for comfortable handling.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

- Length: 2.90 m - Dismantled lgth: 1.50 m - Weight: 442 g - Casting weight: 80 - 170 g
-carbon rod -neoprene foam handle -rubber butt -SIC guides.
TEAM CAPERLAN engineers and designers have developed and tested this rod at Cestas, in the Gironde region of France
The strength of the rod has been tested using rigs 50% heavier than the rated load.However, for optimal performance, it is important to use rigs suited to the rod's casting weight.
Length2.90 m

Dismantled lgth1.50 m

Weight442 g

Casting weight80 - 170 g
Information / Concept / Technology
Structure : 100.0% Carbon

Maintenance tips
Remember to rinse your rod in freshwater after use at sea.


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Broke the tip
Used for 1 week or less
We used this rod successfully for one week for lure fishing on seawall. But when we used this rod for shore fishing with some weight it's tip broke down. The rated casting weight is180gm but we only used 35gm only. When a bite is felt we just pull the rod resulted into a broken tip. The bite was very small to broke the rod. So we think the casting does the damage with our limited knowledge on mechanics of materials we suspect a hair line crack caused this situation. It must be from the manufacturing time itself. This may be that faulty rod among the million good ones which surpassed your quality tests. By looking the crack propagation it must be due to fatigue loading on a stressed already crack developed area of crossection. Sorry for writing a bad review. But decathlon doesn't failed in customer service. They patiently heard us and believed us and exchanged our faulty rod with a new one. We appreciate this act wholeheartedly. We don't think that the whole rod in their rack are faulty. The new rod is working well. We recommend this road for heavy fishing without much shock while casting. It's a good rod. This review is just our experience. If we bought a rod from another company we don't think we'll get that rod exchanged.decathlon is superb in customer support.
feels like a carbon rod.
Used for 7 to 12 months
Good rod for sea fishing. Heavy, but you feel confident to lift a 8kgs fish out out the water. Not very flexiable, which is why you cannot cast very long distances. But the casting weight can be increased to reach further.
strong and feels rigid.
does not flex easily
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