Gym Mat - Pink 140 x 50 x 0.65 cm

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This floor mat was designed for doing stretching exercises without shoes.


User comfort

User comfort

It is big (140 x 50 cm) and thick (6.5 mm) enough to protect you from the floor.

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I DON'T KNOW WHICH EXERCISES TO DO. HAVE YOU GOT ANY TIPS?We've got loads of ideas for you! Just copy and paste the link below into your internet browser:$4e24458b2780a818d381dd43f22ea280/DOMYOS%20TONEMAT%20S.jpg You can download the free poster to your smartphone or print it off. You'll find a dozen different exercises, developed in partnership with certified personal trainers, that you can do to work your whole body.
How to use your matTo use your mat for stretching, place the striped side face down and stand or sit on the smooth side. We recommend doing your exercises while barefoot or wearing socks. To keep your mat in good condition, you can wipe it off with a damp cloth after each use.
A HANDY TIPYou can also fold the mat over itself for an extra layer of cushioning when doing exercises on your knees. That's what we do, and it works like a charm! :) !
HOW TO AVOID SLIPPING ON YOUR MATYour mat may get a bit slippery if you sweat during your exercises. To practise safely, we recommend spreading a towel over your mat or using a towel to regularly wipe down the surface of your mat.
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