Inesis 5.0* Series women's golf club set RH graphite



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Inesis 5.0* Series women's golf club set RH graphite

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Made for REGULAR women golfers looking for a powerful club that gives you confidence at address.
from scratch to a handicap of 10.
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ForgivenessDeep, low centre of gravity makes it easier to launch ball.
PowerThin face for a superior trampoline effect.
PrecisionPeripheral weight distribution for added stability of the head on impact.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Hollow back cavity that makes it easier to launch ball. More forgiving weight distribution between heel and toe. Thick upper edge for more confidence at address. Steel head with a thin face for more power. The set-back centre of gravity generates even more power.
56 g light graphite for a faster swing speed.
Triangle design makes positioning the hands easier and provides better grip.
Set#5 to PW.

Shaftsgraphite, lady.

Available forright- and left-handed.
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Stockage tips
Store your clubs in a dry place.

Maintenance tips
For maximum control of distance and spin, ensure that your grooves are always clean before each shot. Wipe them with a towel or simply on the grass.To prolong your clubs' lifespan, use a full divider bag to prevent the clubs hitting each other.