Play Stability Kit Kids' Inline Skating Fastenings Set




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Play Stability Kit Kids' Inline Skating Fastenings Set

Made for making it easy for beginners, ages 4 and up, to get started with Play 3, Play 4 and Play 5 inline skates.
Improved stability to help beginners to easily find their balance and develop their own rhythm.

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StabilityMake children's first steps on skates easier by spreading out pressure points.
Compatibilitycompatible with all sizes of Play 3, Play 4 + Play 5 inline skates (2015 models)
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Improving stability
For their first skating experience, your child will have greater stability thanks to the "triangle" layout of the wheels on this product. This will also help in giving them more confidence and in deciding when they feel ready to move on to using inline skates.
Kit assembly
Please refer to the back of the pack or the photos on the website to check the assembly of the Play 3 and Play 5 skates.