Many leather Men walking shoes - navy blue



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Reduced price! Many leather Men walking shoes - navy blue

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Made for

everyday WALKING all year round. Ideal for short distances.
Unique comfort in several styles buy a pair of ONE insoles (sold separately), then choose one or more pairs of shoes from the extensive MANY range.

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CushioningOne insole to absorb shocks sold separately.
Foot motionThe slim outsole provides added flexibility.
BreathabilityLeather upper to facilitate moisture wicking.
FlexibilityWide colour range. Interchangeable laces.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Field testing of products
All our shoes are field tested by a panel of users that is representative of the market, under the same conditions as those experienced in everyday use (climate, walking times, different ground surfaces). In particular, our "Test Missions" get the product manager to team up with people who are unaffiliated to NEWFEEL, to test, develop and approve our products.
Lab tests
Laboratory tests are conducted to approve these elements: stitching, bonding, toxicology, level of cushioning, abrasion of the sole and the upper components, premature ageing of the shoe.
Sizesfrom 2.5 to 12.

Sizes 13-15to order and online.


One solesold separately.
Information / Concept / Technology
Leather outer, thermoplastic outsole.

Product test
Lab and use tested.

Maintenance tips
To protect the shoe from moisture and stains, we recommend waterproofing them before wearing for the first time and then once a month from then on.