BIASTOS 90g Sea fishing spinner



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Reduced price! BIASTOS 90g Sea fishing spinner

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Made for sea predator fishing with jigs and lures.
This spinner is ideal for fishing using the sink and draw method from a boat or cast and retrieve method from the shoreline. Anchovy colour very efficient on predators like bass.
Sizes guide

Swimming depthIts density and shape allow you to fish at significant depths. .
DistanceGood casting weight for long-range casting.
Visual efficiencyThe natural colour combined with the sparkling scale effect attract the fish
VisibilityAdding starlite increases lure's visibility in water two-fold.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

- zamak body - tin-plated triple hook - starlite insert Ø 2.9 x 25 mm (except Biastos 20 g)
The Biastos hooks can resist a dynamic traction of 5 kg for the 20g spinners, 8 kg for the 40g spinners, 10 kg for the 90g spinners and 12 kg for the 120g spinners. Metal parts show the first signs of oxidation after 96 hours of continuous exposure to salt spray.
Information / Concept / Technology
Stockage tips
Store lure in a dry place, away from sunlight.

Maintenance tips
Dry hooks after use to reduce the risk of corrosion.