700 Rear Road Bike Wheel - Black



MRP : ₹ 2,999

Made In : Italy

Made for recreational cycling or touring. Sturdy, durable rims.
700 (28") rear wheel for cassette.

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DurabilityCross lacing ensures wheel rigidity.
CompatibilityShimano or Sram 8/9/10-speed cassette with optional 7-speed ring mount.
Brake control700 (28") aluminium, double-wall rim with machined walls.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Double-wall rims: ETRTO 622x13CAxle: OLD 130 mm32 spokes with cross lacing
User tip:
Fitting a suitable rim strip is essential. Ask for advice from a sales assistant.
Information / Concept / Technology
1 wheel with aluminium hub, watertight seals and quick-release system. Composition: aluminium rim and hub. For 8/9/10-speed cassette with optional 7-speed ring mount. Machined rim walls. Weight: 1 212 g


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rear 700 wheel
Used for 1 week or less
good product at a good price
700c Rear road bike wheel (Black)
Used for 1 week or less
excellent spare wheel that i've set up for use on the turbo.
You get what you pay for
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
One mouth ago i brought a triban road bike which I am generally very pleased with . It works well and offers very good value for money.
The only concerning thing is I have a spoke that just will not stay tight and has frustrated me no end. I shall keep the bike which I really like but the wheels will be swapped out for shimano as soon as I can.
Loose spokes and incorrect dish
Used for 1 week or less
After asking a friend to pick a back wheel up for me I promptly fitted it and assumed it would be good to go. After noticing a severe wobble down the hill outside my house I removed the wheel and noticed half the spokes were loose and the dish is massively off centre. With not much knowledge on wheel truing and adjustment I'm now going to have to fork out more cash on getting it sorted
Rear wheel replacement
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
My experience of Decathalon started well and keeps getting better and better. This time the mechanic Cassy, I think, at Decathalon Purley Way took the time to understand not only the fault but my story as well. I'm a middle aged man and took up cycling late last year and purchasing a a btwin triban 520 at the beginning of this year to start getting serious about it. Cassy could see how my enthusiasm had ebbed after the wheel incident and in carefully explaining and replacing the wheel for me reignited my enthusiasm for being on the road. I love the customer service and the products you sell and am recommending Decathalon to anyone who will listen.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Bought this to replace the original for the bike. After 4small rides out i have a loose spoke. Tightened and loosened again on next ride. Now had a bike mechanic review it and after 3miles it's loose again.
Response of the brand
Hello Mr Gillon,

I have forward your review on to our Workshop manager who will respond in due course, I would suggest you take the wheel back to the store which you purchased it from.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
2 Broken Wheels within 6 months
Used for 3 to 6 months
I bought this rear and the matching front wheels less the 6 months ago. Within 2 months the front wheel badly buckled, I ride carefully but the store claimed it was wear and tear charging me £10 to get to trued. Within 4 months (as of today) the back wheel bearing has gone and the spokes loose and noisy. I hope I get better customer service in claiming on warrant for the right off rear wheel.
Response of the brand

Thank you for reviewing this wheel, as the shop said, a buckle in the wheel isn't covered under the warranty as it is wear and tear and could happen to any wheel.
As for the rear wheel you should face no problems in getting this replaced under the warranty as it should certainly last longer than 6 months under normal use.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
Paul found this answer helpful
Easy fit, good replacement wheel.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I bought this as a replacement rear wheel for a hybrid and I'm pleased with it. Fit perfectly. Only comment is to be aware that this is a very narrow rim designed for a road bike but fine for the 28c I use. Also, be aware it uses a Presto fitting for the innertube, not a Schrader (which was on my previous wheel).
Fine as cheap spare wheel for turbo trainer use
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Bought this as a cheap way to have a specific wheel for the turbo trainer, saving me having to swap tyres each time or wearing out my good ones on the turbo. With a cheap Sora cassette too this made for a £50 all in turbo wheel, the cheapest way I could find to do that.

Can't comment on what the wheel is like on the road though as haven't and won't be using it for that.
You get what you pay for
Used for More than 1 year
Have been using this wheel on my commuter for 18 months. Ratchet teeth in the free hub body started to stick (so that pedalling wouldn't always result in the wheel going round). It has got to the point now that it is totally broken and the freehub doesnt engage.

Its good and cheap, but don't expect it to last 2 years.
free hub broke and non serviceable
Response of the brand
Hello Tom,

Sorry to hear that the 700 road bike wheel hasn't met your expectations in terms of life of the freehub body. As you've had this wheel for quite some time, the wheel has since been redesigned and parts upgraded to increase the life of this wheel. It isn't still quite up to scratch for life on the UK roads. The wheel is soon to be replaced with a whole new hub.

Rob Basnett b'Twin Product Expert DECATHLON
Tom found this answer helpful
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