Swimming Inflatable Vest 18 To 30 Kg Green

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Our design team created this inflatable swim vest for kids to learn their first swimming movements

Buoyancy aid

Buoyancy aid

Certified 20 newtons EN 13138-1 with reinforced buoyancy at 50 newtons.

User comfort

User comfort

The inner seams around the neck are turned in for improved comfort.



Adjustable strap at the front and three-point safety buckle.

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Learning to swim encourages the psycho-motor development of young kids.Nabaiji offers 3 experiences: Discovering the water, Discovering swimming and Discovering underwater. This inflatable vest forms part of the "Discovering swimming" experience: The kids cannot swim yet but are comfortable in the water, use their arms and legs and need a lot of freedom to enjoy their experience. They will start to learn the first movements of swimming from a vertical position to a more oblique position. They still need a high level of buoyancy
Secure fastening systemVest with a three-point safety buckle that prevents the kid from taking it off themselves.
What to do if the vest deflates?All our inflatable buoyancy aid vests feature a one-way valve. If, however, you find that your vest is deflating during use, make sure that the caps are tightly closed and that the one-way valve is not deformed. To check this, pinch the entire valve several times by pressing with your fingers before inflation. Then inflate the product as much as possible to flatten the valve flap.
How does the valve work?Our inflatable buoyancy aids have PVC one-way inflation valves. To inflate the product correctly, press the base of the valve to open it. The valve closes mechanically in about two seconds. As such, it is normal for a bit of air to escape after inflation. This is why you must close the cap quickly.
Product weightAbout 250 g
Recommendations for useAfter use, always rinse your vest with clear water to remove chlorine, sand, and salt. Let it dry in a well-ventilated area. To avoid premature discolouration, do not leave your swimming vest in direct sunlight.
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