100 2-Part Detachable Kayak Paddle - Orange



₹ 2,299

100 2-Part Detachable Kayak Paddle - Orange

Made for occasional kayak cruising on rivers or at the seaside.
This symmetrical paddle is designed for kayaking in rivers or at sea. It can be disassembled for easy transport and compactness.
Sizes guide

Lightweight990 g maximum for the largest size. Available in 205cm/ 215cm/ 225cm
Easy assembly / dismantlingPaddle in two parts that can be easily clicked together.
Ease of useSleeves for better handling. Symmetrical paddle.
PowerBlades provide firm resistance in the water
Warranty2 Years



Size205 cm to 225 cm

Information / Concept / Technology
Blade : 70.0% Polypropylene (PP), Blade : 30.0% Glass - Fibre (FG) Shaft : 100.0% Aluminium Handle : 100.0% Polyethylene (PE)

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and sources of heat.

Maintenance tips
Rinse with fresh water before prolonged storage.


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All mixed up in store
Used for 1 week or less
In store it wasn't made clear that they came in different sizes. When we came to use them we find that, out of 2 sets, we had 3 of one end and one of the other. Looking at the labels when preparing to return the one "set" off 2 identical hassles we realised that they come in different sizes and we'd end up using the shortest one...which is far too short to make life easier. When we've spent yet another 24.99 we'll probably have a good set of 'cheap' paddles.
They work... If they fit together.
Be careful to get 2 different halves.
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