Hoptown 320 C1 20"



Made for occasional rides on roads with a fully-equipped and easy-to-store bike.
With a 6-speed derailleur and mudguards, the Hoptown 320 can handle any gradient, and any weather conditions. Lateral folding system reduces bike storage size by over 70%.
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Compact designFolded dim.: L.78 cm, H.66 cm, W.34 cm. Unfolded: L.146 cm, H.108 cm, W.58.5 cm
Versatility6-speed derailleur, grip shifter to change gears.
Easy transportSystem to secure the frame when folded
WarrantyLifetime warranty on the frame (except for the hinge) and rigid fork.
Technical Information

Hi-Ten steel frame. The easy lateral-fold system means the bike takes up little space: at home, at the office, in the boot of a car or in a camper... you'll forget your bike is even there. Once folded, the bike's volume is reduced by 70%.The frame locking mechanism makes the bike easy to handle when it's folded, and easy to store away.
Straight fork, made out of Hi-Ten steel for added strength.
The Hoptown 320 is equipped with a Sunrace 6-speed derailleur allowing it to handle most gradients. Changing gears is very easy using the grip shifter.165 mm cranks. 52-tooth chainwheel, 6-speed Shimano TZ20 14/28 freewheel. Metres of development: 2.96 m / 5.90 m.
V-brake, steel callipers and levers guarantee effective and progressive braking.
Handlebar / stem / steering
Semi-raised handlebar provides good steering posture and improved bike handling. Handlebar width: 560 mm. The handlebar has a 60 mm rise allowing you to adjust the position forwards or backwards. Fixed, aluminium stem provides greater rigidity compared to a height-adjustable stem. Ergonomic grips. Distance from saddle to handlebar: 540 mm. Bottom bracket to saddle distance: min. 480 mm - max. 700 mm.
Saddle / Seat post
Comfortable, seamless foam saddle and steel seat post (diam: 31.6 mm).
20-inch, single-wall rims.
20 x 1.75 town tyres. We have designed these tyres to provide the best balance of performance and traction.
The fold-up pedals reduce bulk when the bike is folded. Once pedals are folded up and the stem folded down, the bike can be stored against a wall and takes up very little space (26 cm wide). Cranks: 165 mm.
Accessories / equipment
Mudguard with stays, double chainwheel guard, battery-powered front and rear lights. This bike is compatible with the TILT transport cover and the B'Twin pannier rack for folding bikes. The front of the bike can be equipped with an additional VIOO Clip light as well as the LED light from the Tilt folding bike (which can be ordered from our after-sales service).
This product has a hook for attaching a Vioo Clip, an LED light that can be clipped on anywhere and unclipped in an instant. With a red or white light that can be used in continuous or flashing mode, the Vioo Clip makes you clearly visible from up to 120m away. Battery life is 9 hours in flashing mode, 4½ hours in continuous mode. Easy to recharge via a USB cable (sold with the VIOO Clip).
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 100.0% Steel



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Excellent versatile bike!
Used for 1 week or less
This bike has been instrumental in me getting my love for cardio back! I just put this in the trunk of my car and head out to any road conducive for biking....Love the upright posture
Great folding bike
Used for 1 week or less
Do not believe the people who are saying this broke and that broke in a week...they know nothing about bicycles! i am 31 and riding and maintaining bikes my entire life... this is not an MTB(mountain bike), its a city bike, it does not have front or rear suspension since its designed specifically for folding... still they managed to make it 6speed, thats pretty amazing.. i have another bike (releigh rs500 MTB) which is 24speed and can climb any slope effortlessly, compared to that you will have to use more energy to climb, but like i said this is a city bike so its great to ride in the city.

Ofcourse its authorized spareparts are going to be costly since they are imported so ride carefully but the build quality is great, i find it better than my releigh.
When its completely folded it fits comfortabaly in the boot of Elite i20 so it will fit well in similar cars too.

So get this one if you looking for something convenient and transportable and fun to ride at the same time.
Used for More than 1 year
This is a good bicycle....I have been using it for past one year and the only issue I had was that I could not find the appropriate tire for the bicycle.....
Worst cycle for Indian Roads
Used for More than 1 year
This cycle is not at all fit for the Indian roads. I have already changed the tires , the rear wheel spokes and a few days back there was a crack in the rim . Upon asking I was told that the cost of a rim is 5000/- (a single rim not a pair) . For it's size , it is not so light . Getting spare parts is not easy . Almost every 1-2 months I have to replace something or the other .
Response of the brand
Hello Dinesh, 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. We have had good reviews on the Hoptown so far. The bike is recommended for use inside cities for short commutes. The surfaces that it should be used on should be very similar to road bikes. All the parts mentioned above such as the tires and wheels are all subjected to wear and tear. The life of such components depends a lot on the usage. 
The spares for the bike are all very specific and unique. they have to be sourced from another country which is why it is expensive and has a long waiting period before it is available. 
I suggest you get the bike to the store from which it was purchased. Explain your usage and the problems faced and the store will be able to give you the best solution. 

Right side pedal broken in a week
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I am riding this cycle from last 2 month.Right side pedal had been broken in a week of purchase . and back side break outside cable also broken due to hitting leg while riding this cycle.This cycle riding is not much comfortable as well.bigger cycle are good
Response of the brand

Hello Narendra, 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. Apologies for the ill experience you have had with the Hoptown 320. The sitting position on the bikes can be adjusted dramatically and it can support varied postures. If the discomfort is felt in the seat do try padded shorts or a gel seat cover. 
We have not faced problems with the pedals but I suggest you get the bikes serviced at the nearest store for both the brakes and the pedal problems. You may explain the problems and check if the store can service it for free. However, both pedals and brakes are wear and tear products and replacing them for free will be difficult. 
Weight reduction
For a folding bike weight should be reduced by 2 kilos and folding mechanism and are kept at very high quality .
Suits my need
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I wanted to try out a cycle to commute to my work (3Kms) from my home. The road is little bumpy with some inclination and slopes on the way. BTwin Hoptown 20 suits the requirement....However, it would be better if the weight gets reduced by a couple of kilos...advantage of folding, I can keep it safe during my absence inside my flat without fear of losing it :).
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Lightweight, and very comfortable to ride.
The only suggestion will be that of making available a carry bag (not the big folding bag available on Amazon) that provides protection padding to the bike so that it does not get damaged when travelling on flights or trains.
Response of the brand
Hello Koustubh, 
Thank you for taking the time to give us the suggestion. We did have a basic bike carrier a year ago. It was a bag with a shoulder strap which helps carry your bike on flights. However, it did bot have any padding. I will send your feedback to the product managers. Your feedback and suggestions help us create better products by understanding your needs. Thank you. 
fabuous feel , superb decathlon
Used for 3 to 6 months
Keep up and maintain the standards of products , ur hardwork will payoff. this is superb concept . and trustyworthy . Decathlon , i trust the staff and your products wholeheartedly , thank u , Hubli branch . india
Excellent bike. Easy to store. Convenient.
Used for 1 week or less
Excellent bike. Easy to store. Convenient. You will definitely fall in love with it.
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