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Made In : China

Made for beginning float and bottom fishing in freshwater.
This set is delivered rigged and ready to use for easily learning two fishing techniques. The set is ideal for trout fishing. The reel is equipped with 230 m with 30/100.

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Ease of useReady to fish: rigged line, full box set and user guide.
Compact designThanks to its short length (< 70 cm), you can take this set with you anywhere.
VersatilityEnables you to fish with a float and bottom fish.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

- 1 telescopic rod - 1 reel with front/rear drag - Bauxit reel loaded with 230 m of 0.30 (mm) - 2 rigged lines - 1 bottom line - 1 disgorger - 5 rigged hooks - 1 instruction manual
TEAM CAPERLAN engineers and designers developed and tested this kit at Cestas, in the Gironde region of France.
Length3.50 m


Transport lgth68 cm

Accessories10 and 1 user guide

Test curve40g - 80g

Spool line230 m with 30/100
Information / Concept / Technology
Pole : 100.0% Glass - Fiber (FG) Chassis : 100.0% Zamac Structure : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place.


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Go for it if you are experienced angler.
Used for 1 week or less
As an inexperienced, bought this combo kit thinking this is a simple to use fishing rod.
Guess I was wrong. You need to be an expert to use this rod.

Positives :
1. Basic things to go fishing is all there.
2. Rod is fantastic and has a great reel to go with.
3. Kit is great for an inexperienced guy, as you don't have to worry about purchasing additional gear.
4. If you already know how to cast, you'll have no problem in catching fish.
5. Best combo for the price out there in market and guess no one can beat it.

Negatives :
1. Rod feels heavy and very lengthy for unprepared and inexperienced.
2. If you are new to spinning reel, pretty sure you'll mess up the reel.
3. Kit would have been better if it had a complete and bigger manual rather than a small booklet. Not of much help there.
4. I was told by the representative of decathlon that warranty is only good for the loops and any physical damage to the reel. Rod not included in warranty.
Even the portal says 2 Yrs. warranty, but doesn't say on what.
5. The length and weight of the rod makes it very difficult to cast and you basically end up with a very messy tangled line while casting.

Verdict : My personal opinion after a couple of days of intense struggle, you can go for it if you are an experienced angler.
If you are not an expert angler, it’s a big no no. Please go with something simpler before you gear up for this kit.
As said before, if you not an expert or experienced angler, you'll end up with an expensive paper weight.

Note to customers if they are planning fishing :
1. You are going fishing and not going on a hunt. You need patience, a lot of patience.
2. Do not expect you will catch fish for sure if you have a fishing kit. That is a very wrong perception. Even professional anglers have come home empty handed after full day fishing.
3. If you are new to fishing, start with the basics and attend trainings/workshops before you start purchasing. Please do your homework.
4. Get an experts advice and then proceed. Take my word for it, or you will be in a situation.

Note to Decathlon Team :
1. You may need to train your representatives more on the product and how to use it.
2. I could easily find out that even they were confused when I asked basic things like what is the length of the line and how much weight it supports.
3. I believe you conduct workshops, but you need to communicate to the customer instead of customer reaching out to you over phone or in person.

Overall, I think I need to do my homework before I hold the rod next time.
But I recommend this for any experienced or expert angler who already know how to fish.
Response of the brand
Hi Kiran,

Thank you for taking time to review U FISH FRESHWATER 350 Fishing exploration set. I am sorry for your experience with the product. I could see that you faced difficulties due to the weight of the rod and also with the reel.

The weight of the rod is more due to the reason that it's made of Fiber glass. The reason why it's recommended for beginners and not for the experts is because the number of casting by beginners is comparatively less when compared to that of the experts. It's difficult for the user to cast multiple times with this rod. If the user is an intermediate or expert in fishing we would definitely recommend carbon rods which are lesser in weight.

The choice of the length of the rod purely depends on the user and the place of practice. We do offer a rod with the length of 2.4m which is one meter shorter than this.

I'm sorry that you weren't provided proper guidance on the usage of the reel. I would definitely pass on this message to our product trainers to ensure proper information is provided to our users. We had planned for fishing workshop in few places in the month of September. I would like to invite you for the same if you're interested to know about the technicality of our products and it's absolutely free of cost.

We do provide warranty for the rod and the reel. If you're not satisfied with our product please visit your nearest Decathlon store and they'll be able to provide you with an appropriate solution for the product. Hope I had helped you with your concerns. Happy Angling!

Thank You
Shravana Chandrasekaran
Caperlan, Decathlon Sports India
One of the best Angling Rod I've come over,
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
One of the best Fishing Rod I've come over, wish they'll have more product for Angling Lovers, I love to go shopping at Decathlon, that's the only place where you get all your Outdoor Gears, keep it up.
Not for fishing
I purchased this product for training purposes. For badminton training to suspend the shuttle cock I am using it
Fishing rod
Used for 1 week or less
Good quality and reasonable price.
malfunctioned thread winder and very complex
Used for 1 week or less
I ended stuck with the thread winding and rotator. I should have looked for a simpler mechanism.
Response of the brand
Hello Irabanta

Thank you for taking time to review U FISH SEA 350 Fishing exploration set.

I am sorry for your experience with the product. You can choose to exchange the product or claim for a refund at any Decathlon store.
However, if you are a 'beginner' in fishing or angling sport, we can help you to learn how to use the reel and the drag in an efficient way to not end up in a situation like this again. I had the same problem when I first started fishing with a different product, but, with some coaching I am better at it now. The reeling mechanism is the same for most fishing rod and reel combos.

We at decathlon keep conducting workshops with our customers to help them discover a new sport or sometimes use our products.
If you are a customer, you can choose to receive such communication from us. You can contact any store or use online chat to reach out to us.

Our next workshops on Fishing will be conducted on 22nd & 29th July in some locations.
Please feel free to contact me at if you are interested. I can put you in touch with the right person closer to you.
It is free of cost.

Taniya Dutta
Decathlon Caperlan

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