BR860 P Badminton Racket - Orange / Black



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Made for

regular badminton players looking for a very powerful racket.
Thanks to its rigid shaft and head-heavy balance, this badminton racket is ideal for players wanting more powerful shots.

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PowerWith its head-heavy balance, this racket is extraordinarily powerful.
PrecisionThe rigid shaft gives a precise touch to your shots.
ForgivenessThe rigid shaft provides good spontaneity and repulsion.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Frame forgiveness
With its bigger frame, this racket is more forgiving. You therefore won't notice centring errors so badly and playing will be comfier.
Comfort Grommet technology
This racket has grommets made from supple materials in order to absorb vibrations. At the same time, this makes playing more comfortable.
Weight84 g - 4U.

BalanceHead heavy.


Length675 mm.
Information / Concept / Technology
Lining and sock of : 90.0% Carbon fibre (CF), 10.0% Polyamide (PA) Handle : 50.0% Polyurethane (PU), 50.0% Wood

Product test
The racket has been tested for over 50 hours by our product engineers in our TechCenter and by players of all levels.

Maintenance tips
The racket is best stored at temperatures below 35°C.