Watertight Phone Pouch - Small



Made for keep your telephone dry when practising water sports.
This small, watertight telephone pouch (IPX7 resistance) protects your phone from water during water sports and nautical sports.

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WatertightWatertight up to 30 minutes at 1 m underwater (IPX7).
Easy opening / closingQuick and simple zip fastening.
Tactile efficiencyAllows use of telephone touchscreen functions.
Easy transportCarry cord.
Image qualityLets you take photos.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Opening and closing, precautions
Slide the clip. Unfold the film. Insert the telephone by pulling apart the sides. Refold the film. Carefully replace the clip.Check the pouch's water resistance regularly using a paper towel.
Telephone functions
OUT OF WATER. The phone's touchscreen functions work: you can make calls, take photographs, and read on your screen.UNDERWATER. The water against the screen means the touchscreen will not work. To take photos underwater, you can configure your telephone to take photographs using the device's mechanical buttons.
Technical specifications
Overall dimensions of the pouch: Width: 90 mm Height: 180 mm Thickness: 8.5 mmWeight: 30 gMaximum dimensions of phone inside: Width: 70 mm Height: 130 mm
Information / Concept / Technology
Film : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Sliding bar : 100.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Handle : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC) Rope : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

Product test
IPX7 - Watertight up to 30 minutes at 1 m underwater.
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Leaks. Junk!
Used for 1 week or less
This looked like a perfect product to protect my Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM), and easily fit into the product. I followed the instructions, ensured everything was correctly sealed, jumped in the water and rechecked. All good. 10 minutes later my CGM started vibrating and when I checked, I found that the pouch had leaked and destroyed it. Aside from the expense of replacing this (+$500) we're at the start of holidays abroad and can't replace the CGM, which is a serious downer as I need the CGM to track blood sugars for effective management of my diabetes.
Décathlon - if you respond, please don't tell me about how you went about testing the product and it was all good. I've seen an earlier reply and while my use clearly fit within the test criteria you described, this product simply isn't reliable. I've been a big Decathlon fan but this has seriously damaged my faith in the brand.

Wrote a review earlier, but for some reason it hasn't appeared.
Response of the brand
Dear Gregg,

Thank  you for your recent feedback. I'm are sorry to hear of what had happened to you during your water activities. In Decathlon we take seriously feedback from each customer and we are pleased of these valuable information left each time on our website. I forwarded your message to the Tribord brand and product manager to make sure they are aware of it and further investigation is done on this model.
Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused. 
Kind regards,

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