Energy 900 Women's Fitness Shoes - Blue /Turquoise



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Reduced price! Energy 900 Women's Fitness Shoes - Blue /Turquoise

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Made for fitness
Improve your performance with good rebound. The Energy 900 women's fitness shoes have a sole that offers better rebound to allow you to change direction quickly
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Multidirectional flexibilityThe grooves in the forefoot optimise multi-directional flexibility
FitReinforcements and adjustable straps for quick changes of direction
CushioningMidsole guaranteeing cushioning for repeated movements
Energy returnSole offering better rebound for changing direction quickly
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Why choose fitness shoes?
Your basic fitness movements such as squats, lunges, twists, press-ups and skaters are different to other sports and need the right kind of shoe. We therefore develop all of our shoes based on these movements and according to how intensely you exercise. To help you perform these movements correctly without the risk of injury, we offer shoes that respond to this need by offering good support, flexibility and appropriate cushioning.
Why is it important? The multidirectional flexibility lets you easily transfer your energy in another direction and quickly shift your feet around the floor.
Why is it important? Good forefoot support - a must for fitness - helps you stay balanced when you go to change direction.
Why is it important? Optimal cushioning to support your body during repeated impacts while stabilising your supporting leg for stringing movements together more smoothly. The cushioning is sufficient for up to two hours of treadmill running per week.
Grip and rotation
This model's grip lets you change direction quickly and easily, while the pivot zone has less grip so you can turn and spin easily without pressuring your joints. Finding a balance between these two needs is therefore essential. A combination of sensory, mechanical and biomechanical tests has allowed us to determine the right level of grip and which part of your foot is in contact with the floor as you pivot.
How do we prove it?PRODUCT TESTING
In our labs, our researchers analyse movements using sensors that precisely measure the human body's reactions. But because there's nothing like trying things out in real life, we also test all of our fitness products in the gyms where they will actually be used. These tests enable us to offer high-tech products to everyone at a great price, with the sole objective of helping you enjoy your fitness activities in the best possible conditions.
The sole is specially designed not to leave black marks on the floor.
Sizesfrom 4 to 7½

ColoursAvailable in 2 colours

Weight210 g in size 6
Information / Concept / Technology
Upper of : 60.0% Polyester (PES), Upper of : 40.0% Polyurethane (PU) Outer sole of : 70.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Outer sole of : 30.0% Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Lining and sock of : 100.0% Polyester (PES)