BR900 V Lite Adult Badminton Racket - White/Purple



Made for frequent players seeking a versatile racket with a good balance of power and ease of handling.
A neutral balanced frame provides both power and manoeuvrability, while a semi-stiff shaft adds accuracy, resulting in a frame that is ideal for versatile players!

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HandlingIts low weight (82 g) and neutral balance make it very easy to handle.
PowerThe semi-stiff shaft delivers excellent shot accuracy during play.
ForgivenessThe isometric head provides a large strike zone.
PrecisionIts medium shaft provides you with more accuracy in your shots.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Player profile
With a neutral balance and semi-stiff shaft, this racket is ideal for versatile players. The shaft provides accuracy, while the neutral balance helps address deficiencies in terms of power. A wise choice for players not yet sure of their abilities or style of play.
High Modulus Carbon
The Japanese carbon fibre used in our 900 line of rackets is the stiffest currently available on the market. It provides amazing stability and a high repelling effect on impact.
Lightweight frame
One of the undeniable advantages of the LITE line of rackets is their low weight. With three 82 g rackets in the 900 range, these rackets are guaranteed to provide a comfortable play.
Information / Concept / Technology
Product test
The racket has been tested in our laboratories for over 50 hours by our product engineers and then by players of all levels.


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