BR990P Adult Badminton Racket - Orange



Made for intensive badminton players looking for power and accuracy.
This racket has a stiff frame for greater shot power and accuracy. The Artencore design reduces vibrations and makes it comfortable to handle.

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PowerHead-heavy for excellent hitting power.
HandlingThe 87 g weight of this racket ensures that it remains easy to handle.
PrecisionThe rigidity of the frame and the Artencore concept provide greater accuracy.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Racket weight: 87 gRacket weight is an extremely important factor for every badminton player. Remember to consider:- How often you play, how injury-prone you are, your body size and your playing style.The heavier the racket, the more power you'll get. However, you'll lose speed, which can be a drawback for defensive players, quick volleys and counter attacks.
Racket balance: Head heavyA badminton's racket balance will have a major impact on your game. There are three types of racket balance: - Head heavy, for power - Even, for versatility - Head light, for control
Racket flex: StiffRackets come in different flex options: - Flexible: These rackets are good for players looking for handling and long shuttlecock trajectories. - Medium: These rackets are good for players looking for a balance of power and handling. - Stiff: These rackets are good for advanced/expert players looking for power and precision. - Extra stiff: These rackets are good for expert players with impeccable technique looking for power.
Artencore Concept
The composite foam inside the frame increases its sturdiness to make your shots more precise. It also reduces vibrations in the racket to make impacts more comfortable.
The Japanese carbon fibre used for the 900 racket range is the most rigid currently available on the market. It provides incredible stability and great bounce on impact.

BalanceHead heavy

Weight87 g
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 70.0% Carbon fibre (CF), Frame : 30.0% Polyamide (PA) Handle : 50.0% Polyurethane (PU), Handle : 50.0% Wood

Product tested and approved by our technical partner Ygor Coelho (BWF Men's singles No.35, our engineers and our product managers.

Product test
This racket has undergone tests in the lab and on the court. This racket has been tested for over 50 hours by our product engineers in our TechCenter.

Stockage tips
Do not leave in a hot area (>35°C).

Maintenance tips
Avoid major temperature fluctuations.


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Excellent product
Used for 3 to 6 months
Amazing racket for the price tag it comes for!!
Performance racket
Used for 7 to 12 months
990 P is exceptionally value for money racket , i am using this since a year & never faced any issue with the racket ,string quality is quite good & required only once in a year to change which is very normal.
As my game is of attack this head heavy rackets suits my style & i would like to give full marks to the technical part of the product.
one improvement which i would like to see in this racket is to reduce some weight as today this racket weighs 87 g but somewhere 80-82 g of weight would be much better to make this product non comparable in this category.
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