Fishing Barbless Carp Hook (10 pack)

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Hook designed for carp anglers wanting to fish without a barb.

Fish friendly

Fish friendly

The hook is barbless to protect the fish during the fight.



The hook's shape makes it effective with dense or floating rigs



The hook can be made more aggressive using heat shrink tube

Quantity1 U
Size2, 6, 4, 8
TECHNICAL FEATURES- Very strong hook with a straight shank. The hook will effectively pierce all types of bait. - Barbless - Straight eye, needle point. Remember! If the point of your hook is damaged or not sharp enough before you cast, don’t hesitate to change it! This will dramatically reduce your chances of losing a fish
How to choose the shape of your hook?Choosing the right hook reduces the risk of unhooking. The risk of unhooking is increased with a poor combination of bait/hook and leader. 1. The shape of curved shank hooks makes the rig particularly aggressive when used with floating bait. 2. Hooks with a straight shaft and a sharp tip are used more frequently due to their resistance. Perfect for heavy-duty fishing. 3. Long shank hooks reduce the risk of unhooking with balanced rigs.
The shape of the eye is importantWhether straight, in-turned or out-turned, the eye determines the alignment of the hook with the bait. 1. In-turned eye: increases the aggressiveness of the rig because it lets you create a more extreme angle compared to the leader. 2. Straight eye: Gives you perfect alignment of the hook with the line and bait. 3. Out-turned eye: lets you reduce the angle of the leader. Rigid materials such as fluorocarbon are ideal for these hooks
How to choose the size of your hook?Hook size depends largely on the size or diameter of the bait. For example: 15 mm boilie - Hooks n°6 to 8 15 to 18 mm boilies - Hooks N°4 to 6 20 to 22 mm boilies - Hooks N°2 to 4 24 mm boilie and over - Hooks N°1 or 2 If fish are proving elusive, reducing bait and hook size may be a solution to trigger bites.
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