900XL Waterproof Smartphone Holder



MRP : ₹ 1,999

Made In : China

Made for carrying your smartphone on your bike (mounts onto the stem or handlebar).Total protection against rain.
Carry and protect your smartphone on your bike under any circumstances. Waterproof case.

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CompatibilityHandlebar/stem diameter (cm): 2 to 3.5Max phone dimensions (cm): 15.5 x 8 x 0.8
WatertightWeather resistant.
StabilityA sturdy holder with screw clamp to ensure smartphone remains perfectly stable.
Impact protectionProtects against bumps and splashes.
Easy assembly / dismantlingTool-free fitting.Simply slide the phone onto the holder.
Tactile efficiencyProtective touchscreen.
Easy readingCan be mounted in portrait or landscape mode.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

This holder can fit a smartphone up to the following max. dimensions: Height: 15.5cm. Width: 8cm.Depth: 0.8cm.
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Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 54.0% Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), Main fabric : 24.0% Polyamide 6 (PA6), Main fabric : 15.0% Rubber - Synthetic, Main fabric : 7.0% Steel


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Cover is very good.
Used for 1 week or less
Quality is good n also hanged very well. But the price is high.
Not worth the price
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It is overpriced and it is not possible to connect with Earphone while putting phone in this holder
Response of the brand
Hello Rahul,

Thanks for your valuable feedback for Waterproof Smartphone Holder. I am really sorry and apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. 

I understand your remark about the price. It has extra protection at edges to protect your phone from small fall. This cover is waterproof and you can use your phone without taking out from the pouch.  We sell it at a fair price and cheaper than other comparable models in the market. 
Could be better
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The smartphone holder is quite expensive, and one would expect the rubber + plastic holder to be better manufactured. Otherwise, it is okay. Does its job, so can't complain much.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It works very well
Phone holder
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Works well for larger phones although the waterproofing entry makes it a little difficult to get the phone in and out. In use there are no problems
does the job, but not ideal
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This carries the phone conveniently and has an easy to use and secure clip to attach it to either the handlebars or stem. But there are issues. The plastic cover creates reflections and makes reading a map difficult to impossible. If your phone is not a snug fit it rattles around in the case, not a big deal but it is irritating if you are trying to read it while going over bumpy ground. however, if it is a snug fit it will take an age to wiggle it in and out of the bag, not good if you need to access the phone quickly to take a call or photo. I can now see the wisdom of a custom fit case for a specific model with a hard cover, ideally with a peep hole so you can take a photo without having to remove it from the case.
Response of the brand
Thank you very much for your detailed feedback regarding this phone holder. Very valuable indeed. I shall share your comments with the product engineer. If you are  not happy with this item, please feel free to return it to us for an exchange or a refund.
Peter Lazarus UK Cycling Market Manager DECATHLON
Great product for large phones
Used for 3 to 6 months
This products is on the whole pretty excellent. It more than fits my Moto X Play (which is a big phone) and is definitely sturdy and without wobble while riding.

Only criticism I have is that the screen is a little unresponsive when using this, it works fine on other cases.
God product
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Great way of keeping in touch without the risk of loosing control.
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