ONear 300 Sports Earphones with Mico - Black/Red



Made for OCCASIONAL to REGULAR athletes to listen to music and stay connected to their smartphone during their workouts.
a headset compatible with all smartphones and players, featuring excellent hold in the ear, open acoustics for better perception of the environment and a remote control with mic to stay connected.
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StabilityTips ensuring a secure hold in the ear and clip to stop the cable.
LightweightTotal weight: 14.5 g
Audio efficiencyDoes not block external sounds so that you're aware of your environment.
Perspiration resistanceCables and earphones are sweat resistant.
ControlMic and remote to switch between music and phone calls.
CompatibilityCompatible with all smartphones (IOS and ANDROID) and MP3 players.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Sound quality
The speakers of the ONear 300 sports earphones provide a balanced, quality sound thanks to their optimal size of 13.6mm. It will help you stay motivated and give your best in your sport.
Open acoustic design
For better safety, the ONear 300 sports earphones do not block external sounds and let you be aware of your environment when you are doing outdoor sports in urban environments.
Comfort and fit in the ears
The clip provided with your ONear sports headphones will hold the cable. The earphones tips are covered with silicon - together, the clip and the tips ensure a secure hold in the ear and extra comfort during workouts.
Stay connected
ONear 300 headphones include a multifunction remote and a microphone so that you can: -play your music (1 short press). -pause (1 short press while music is playing). -switch tracks (2 short presses) -answer a phone call (1 short press in case of an incoming call) -reject a phone call: (2 short presses in case of an incoming call) -hang up (1 short press during a phone call) -start SIRI or GOOGLE VOICE (1 long press).
Technical specifications
- Jack plug: 3.5 mm - Cable length: 1.2 m - Parallel cable connection.
Warranty and after-sales service
Our products include a 2-year warranty. If you have any question, go to the SUPPORT website You will find tips to make effective use of your device: user guides, frequently asked questions by our users and video tutorials.
Information / Concept / Technology
Earphones : 100.0% Polycarbonate - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (PC-ABS) Cap : 100.0% Silicone Protection cover : 100.0% Polypropylene (PP)

Product test
Our products are tested by a panel of users under the conditions of use for which they were designed. These tests are coordinated and supervised by a team of engineers dedicated to this mission. All these tests allow the product managers, engineers and the whole Geonaute team to develop, create and design technical products that will satisfy our customers.


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Great sound quality, poorly designed silicon tips
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Sound quality: Amazing sound quality for the price. Not bass heavy but clean and precise. Works great if your music player has equalizer/sound enhancement function. If it had more bass, I'd classify it as a premium headphone. Mic has really good pickup.

Silicon tips - useful for retention and noise cancelling but slips off extremely easily. It always remains stuck in my ear whenever i remove the earbud or else falls somewhere on the floor. Very easy to lose and only 1 set is shipped with the box. It helps a lot with grip and retention and vastly improves comfort but it reduces sound quality. Best worn without the tips if sound quality is your priority. Slip them on if you want to muffle background noise while working out.
Comfort: design closely mimics previous gen apple headphones. Very good retention and comfy enough for 6+hours of use when using silicon tips. Maybe 2-3 hrs use if worn without silicon tips before you need to give your ears a rest.

Build quality: same as most headphones, better build and material than those headphones shipped with your cellphone but not overbuilt or rugged enough for manhandling. Best to keep clipped to your shirt when working out so it wont snag on something and get damaged. Pretty lightweight.

Note: Used for cycling, gym workouts, calls, day to day music playing (8+hours of music playing)
size smaller than previous black
Used for 3 to 6 months
rubber comes off easily while putting and removing from pockets.
Great sound but lost earbuds
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Lost earbuds while running half marathon, and it appears you don't sell replacements?
Sound quality really good, comfortable to wear
Earbuds fall off easily
Product was good but I lost ear buds while using
Can I get additional ear buds? Please let me know
Response of the brand
Hello Ranjith, 

Thank you for your feedback on the earphones OnEar300. Unfortunately we do not sell the ear buds separately. I will still check if we can find a solution for you. 

Kind regards
Priya Jalakam Brand Manager DECATHLON
awesome headphone
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
One of the best headphones I ve ever used,
too comfortable to wear, no pain even after prolonged use...
good bass, no wind noise while riding,
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