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Made In : China

Made for occasional urban journeys over short distances (up to 2 km) Size: from 1.45 m to 1.95 m. Max weight: 100 kg.
Double suspension to cushion bumps on the road. The ideal scooter for medium to long-distance journeys. 3 times faster and 3 times further than on foot.

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Ease of useLarge 200 mm wheels. Go further with every push!
Easy transport5.6 kg: easy to carry with its strap. Easy to park using its stand.
Brake controlSecond brake on the handlebar, just like on a bike.
Shock absorptionFront suspension and rear wheel shock absorber.
AdjustablePrecise handlebar height adjustment for users between 1.45 m and 1.95 m.
Non-messyEffective front and rear mudguards.
Easy maintenanceSpare parts can be ordered from our after-sales service.
Warranty2 years excluding wear parts (wheels, bearings, grip, handles, brakes).
Technical Information

Are there any particular safety precautions to take when using the Town 7XL scooter?
You should always wear protective equipment (helmet, knee pads and elbow pads) when scootering.Most serious accidents take place during the first few months of use: spend time learning the basics so that you can control your speed and brake in emergency situations in all weather conditions (particularly on wet terrain).
What is the glide quality like on the Oxelo Town 7 XL?
We have equipped this adult scooter with large 200 mm high bounce PU rubber wheels. This makes it ideal for any journey. A large wheel makes it easier to build up speed with minimum effort. The ABEC 5 bearings are very high quality to limit the amount you have to push yourself along, as well as limiting fatigue.
How should you maintain your scooter?
The wheels and bearings are wearing parts. Remember to check them and change them if necessary. You can repair and extend the lifespan of your scooter with spare parts that can be ordered through your local Decathlon store's Workshop.
Suspension for comfort
To meet your needs and provide maximum user comfort, the Town 7 XL is equipped with two suspension systems: One at the front and one at the rear. These suspension systems greatly reduce the discomfort caused by uneven roads or pavements.
Brakes and mudguard: handy for town
The Town 7 XL scooter from Oxelo has a brake on the handlebar and a second brake on the back wheel. This second brake comes in the form of a long mudguard that covers much of the wheel.
How much does the Town 7 XL scooter weigh?
5.6 kg.
What safety precautions should you take?
We recommend checking your scooter before and after each ride to ensure that there is no abnormal play and no cracks or sharp edges. The wheels and bearings are wearing parts. Remember to check them and change them if necessary.
What should you do if there's play in the handlebar?
What with bumps in the road, repeated jarring and vibrations, it's normal for certain parts to come loose. You can have all of the screws tightened at your local Decathlon workshop or do so yourself with the Allen keys provided (designed to fit all of the scooter's parts).
How are our products tested?
All of our scooters have been lab tested. These tests validate their compliance with the European standards for scooters, as well as their resistance to wear. As well as lab tests we do field tests - some measured and others based on the testers' opinions - to really put the product through its paces. The result is a tested, proven product.
Weight5.6 kg


Distance2 to 5 km
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 100.0% Aluminium 6061 Structure : 70.0% Aluminium 6061, Structure : 30.0% Steel Bearing : 100.0% Steel ILS wheels : 60.0% Polypropylene (PP), ILS wheels : 40.0% Polyurethane (PU) Grip skateboard : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Handle : 100.0% Rubber - Thermoplastic Rubber (TPR) Packaging : 100.0% Cellulose Screws : 100.0% Steel

Product test
This scooter is in compliance with the European Standard for sport scooters EN14619.

Stockage tips
Store in a dry place out of the sun.

Maintenance tips
Check the condition of your scooter before and after each use, and make sure there is no abnormal play, cracks, or sharp edges. The wheels and bearings are wearing parts. Remember to check them and change them if necessary. It is possible to repair and prolong the lifespan of your scooter with parts that can be ordered through the Workshop at your Decathlon store.


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Nice one
Bad shock absorber
Used for 1 week or less
The shock absorb of the scooter is quite bad. Cannot really ride on the road smoothly. The rear foot brake don't not brake very well. Also, it is quite heavy to carry it around and quite difficult to unfold the scooter.
Response of the brand
Hello Eva,
Thank you for your opinion about Town 7XL scooter. I am really sorry to hear about your bad experience with this product. Please feel free to return or exchange for another model in your nearest Decathlon Store. If you would like to invest in faster folding system please take a look at our Easy Fold range of scooters. Here is a video explaining those products in more details I hope you will find a scooter that meets your requirements soon.
Once again thank you for your feedback, as we always try to improve products thanks to reviews like yours.Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Town 7xl adult scooter
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I love this scooter. It came on time and it was easy to put it together, I started to use it straight away. I love it :)
Oxelo town 7
Used for 3 to 6 months
I brought this item a few months ago and I love it, but I have an issue with the brake , the silver end of the brake underneath the back wheel keeps rubbing against the back wheel , is there any way this can be sorted please , as it's affecting the scooters speed
Response of the brand
Hello Ceilidh, Thank you for your review of the Town 7XL scooter. I'm sorry to hear you have a problem with the brake. Please don't hesitate to take your scooter back to your local Decathlon store workshop. They can fully identify the cause of a fault and propose the best solution for you. I hope you'll enjoy riding on your scooter with full speed very soon.Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Excellent item
Used for 1 week or less
I buy this for my son, it's is very good quality product. Very usefull and smooth. Happy to buy it.
user manual? "contact us" link???
Used for 1 week or less
HI just purchased 2 adult scooters and they seem great had a week go managed with a little difficulty with lever to open but struggling to close again. I need a good user manual(not the wee pictures you get in the box as no info on how to close) but you have manuals on this webpage for all your other products not scooters also no contact us link. I think probably good product but feeling frustrated right now
Response of the brand
Hello Rhona,
Thank you for your comment. I will forward your feedback on to the team in charge of this item at Oxelo.
If you wish to contact Decathlon UK Customer Service team use this link:, or you can join them on this number: 02070643000
Here you can find advice about repairing and maintaining scooters:
Oxelo also has a youtube channel, where you can find helpful videos: 
I hope this will help you find answers until the brand will provide online manuals you mentioned. If you encounter any more issues, Decathlon store workshop can provide further assistance over the telephone or in person. I hope you'll enjoy your scooters for a long time!
Once again thank you for your feedback.
Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Not good value
Used for 3 to 6 months
The scooter was great for the first few months. There was a little give on the handlebar, which was annoying, but nothing major. I purchased in early Feb. Being a driver, the scooter wasn't used often; fast forward 6 months and the metal clip attatching the strap to the scooter breaks after minimal use/never being removed. The result was the scooter swinging into my ankle cutting it while being carried. I was then told by the store that as I was not a member when I purchased the scooter; I only had 30 days from date of purchase to return it; despite the product being faulty. Needless to say; I'll be taking my custom elsewhere, with better customer service i.e micro scooter at john lewis
Response of the brand
 Dear Charlotte,
Thank you for taking the time to post a review about Town 7XL Scooter. I'm sorry  about your bad experience in the store. In case of manufacturing defect, you have a 2 year warranty with this item. If you believe this scooter to be faulty, please feel free to return it with your receipt to your local Decathlon store. We will firstly offer a repair solution, which in your case will be a replacement of a strap. Should you remain dissatisfied, we will exchange the product. If no equivalent product is available, we will offer a full refund.I will send your feedback about quality of the metal clip of the strap to Product Manager and Engineers of Oxelo Scooters to work on improving this model in the future.
Once again apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Great for commuting
Used for 3 to 6 months
I have been using my scooter for about 3 months and I must say it's very good.

I use it 2-3 times a week to commute a 5 miles (approx 7km) route.

It is gliding great on smooth surface, if the street gets a bit worse, you will feel it. The 2 suspensions absorb about 35% of the shakes. The handle grip is very comfortable on a long route too.

Very smooth, that is one of the best part of the whole experience.

The rear brake is not as good as you would expect, however the front hand brake does what it should - stops the scooter.

Lightweight and easy to fold / unfold.

Some stats:
Commute to work at 8 am when most people go:
By bus - 24 minutes including walking
By car: 28 minute including moderate to heavy traffic
By scooter: 33 minutes in a comfortable style.

As long as the weather is nice and enjoyable, I will use the scooter.

Development needed:
- I would love to see a dedicated, free app to track distance, time, and team up with others. So far I've been using an app with walk/bicycle selected. Not accurate.
- It would be great to have accessories such as water bottle holder. I hate taking an extra backpack for my 0.75L bottle which you obviously need in summer even for smaller distance.

Some people say it's childish. I say childish is when they shouting at each other in the traffic and sticking fingers, etc.

Overall, I would recommend this product, I really enjoy using it.
Response of the brand
Hi Victor,

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback regarding Oxelo Town 7XL Scooter. I am happy to hear you are satisfied with your purchase. It is amazing alternative for daily commute to work. I already send your comments and ideas for development to our product manager and engineers of Oxelo scooters.
Once again thank you for your feedback, as we always try to improve products thanks to reviews like yours.

Magda, Oxelo Sport Leader
Viktor found this answer helpful
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
If u looking for a quality scooter get this
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Great scooter very well built great value for money ( bought for the wife )
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