Triban 100 Road Bike



₹ 24,999

₹ 19,999

Reduced price! Triban 100 Road Bike

Made for discovering road cycling and cycle touring on roads and trails.
A simple and efficient bike to discover road bike bicycle touring: new aluminium frame, single chainring, indexed gear shifters on handlebar. 700x32 tyre for versatility.


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Cycling comfortNew comfortable geometry for a more upright position, 700 x 32 tyres.
EfficiencyStraight fork in hi-ten steel and a 6061 aluminium frame.
VersatilityHybrid tyres for both roads and paths, can take a pannier rack.
Lifetime warrantyB’Twin offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, stem, handlebar and rigid fork.
Warranty5 Years
Technical Information

6061 T6 aluminium sloping frame with semi-integrated headset.Comfort-oriented frame geometry with a higher steering socket and a shorter top tube that offers a more upright position than a classic road frame. Frame weight, size M: 1830 g.
Fork / suspension
Straight fork in hi-ten steel for added comfort and precision. Aheadset 1"1/8 steerer tube makes the steering assembly strong and rigid.
Handlebar / stem / steering
Aluminium B'Twin Sport handlebar - Handlebar width (axle-axle): 420mm for sizes S / M / L B'Twin Sport aluminium stem - Length: S: 90 mm M 100 mm L 110 mm
Speed changes using 7-speed Shimano A050 shifter on the handlebar. Ergonomic and very comfortable: change speeds without letting go of the top part of the handlebar. This ergonomically-shaped lever fits the palm of your hand perfectly. Shimano Tourney 7 -speed rear derailleur (322 g).
Crankset / cassette
Single chainring is easier to use and reduces weight significantly: 48 teeth Cranks: 170 mm Cassette: Shimano 14 X 34 Inspired by mountain bikes, the mega range of 34 allows you pace yourself well.
Tektro RL 340 brake levers fit well in the hand and are very sturdy. Special Promax RC 482 brake callipers make it possible to install a mudguard.
B'Twin Sport 700 wheels Quick-release hub (9 mm) on the front wheel so you can remove it easily, nut lock-down in the back to prevent theft.
B'Twin Sport 700 x 32 hybrid tyres.
Saddle / Seat post
New B'Twin Sport 100 Black saddle. B'Twin Sport aluminium seat post. Diameter: 27.2 mm for added comfort Length: 350 mm.
Versatile and safe VP992S platform pedals (have a good grip for when riding on paths).
Information / Concept / Technology
Frame : 100.0% Aluminium 6061



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Great bike
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Braking could be better but very comfortable overall
my first road bike
Used for 3 to 6 months
this is one of the fest road bike options if u have less budget and get into cycling or looking for a cheap road bike for a junior. its a lovely machine the only downside is the index shifter and the cheap shimano tourney groupset which is the cheapest shimano gear available but u cant expect much from this price point therefore im very happy with my purchase and we have had many fun times together. The bike overall is sturdy and responsive enough and does not disappoint in performance.
Full paisa vasool!! Excellent tool for road cyclin
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Great value for money!! Extraordinary way to enter into road cycling world. Thanks to all those reviews and trials at decathlon who were patient with me till I bought the bike. Excellent as a tourer as well!!
need more gears for hill sections.....
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I have bought this bike from decathlon store in Guwahati around 3 weeks back and have clocked 300 kms till date
Build quality of the bike is great and riding position is pretty comfortable(for beginners it is ideal) . The tyres are 32 section , not the ultra thin ones of other road bike , so can take the daily abuse of our not so perfect Indian roads( but you are not going to go very fast that's for sure)
However one issue I have found is the gears. If you are riding on flat roads , the gear selection is pretty OK. However if you are planning on riding in hills(in guwahati there are a lot of nearby scenic hills) , the gears given is definitely not sufficient. I always keep asking for more gears when I am riding in the hills . Your legs take a hit.
Also the index shiftier is very awkwardly placed. Very evident when you are going up or coming down the hill.
Else it is a good bike for beginner level cyclist. But you will surely want to upgrade from this bike sooner rather than later once you are into cycling

Anyways happy cycling guys
Excellent comfort level
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This bike is really smooth to ride and comfortable
It is exactly what it says! Entry level road bike
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Previously I had a hybrid bike (Merida Crossway). It was the works. It had disc brakes, front shocks, 24 gears, QR everywhere (seats, wheels, etc). It weighed 15 kg. It was like the Royal Enfield of bicycles. Poor thing had an unfortunate altercation with a truck. The merida lost obviously.

So I decided that my next purchase was going to be about speed and weight on a budget. I decided to go completely bare bones. I chucked all the snazzy requirements. No disc brakes, no front shocks. Minimum gears. Minimum weight.

And after all my research, the Btwin Triban stood out to me like a fully geared cyclist stands out in Mumbai traffic. it was the obvious choice.

I bought the drop bar variant because I wanted to experience a road bike feel.

I have been riding this bike for around two months. Daily commute. Around 20 km per day. It is amazing how much difference shaving 5 kg off a bike can make. My average has increased from around 16 kmph to around 20 kmph from day one.

I sometimes miss the shock absorbers but it is no great loss. I just lift myself on my feet when a pot hole comes. Twice I have taken my bike over some brutally sharp pot holes where I was sure I would puncture the tires. But the 32 mm tires held true. I was impressed.

In my previous cycle, I used only 4 out of the 24 available gears. So I am very happy with the 7 gears on this bike. I actually use almost 6 of the 7 gears. I use this bike primarily for office commutes and I don't do a lot of mountainous regions so this is fine for me. But if someone has to do a lot of climbing, I am not sure if 7 gears would be enough for them. Not my area of expertise.

I'm still taking some time to get used to the drop bars. When I have to ride for a long stretch, they are actually quite comfortable. However, when I have to stop and go in heavy traffic areas, they are very inconvenient. While returning home from office, I take 20 minutes, out of which 10 minutes is stop and go traffic. Those 10 minutes become a nightmare for me due to the drop bars. I am still in two minds on whether I should install a straight bar handle. Because I love the drop bars on long stretches.

Last week I did a 50 km ride and it was pretty comfortable. I plan to complete a 200 km BRM next year and as of now I am pretty confident that this bicycle will take me to the finish like comfortably.

I would definitely recommend this cycle for beginners like me who love cycling and want to commute daily to office.
Response of the brand
Hello Nainesh,

Thank you for taking your time to provide us your valuable feedback, this helps us improve continuously. Since you are using this bike for office commute. I like to share a small video of this bike explaining the different riding position with drop handlebar.  
I stay available for any further queries related to our products and services.

Nainesh found this answer helpful
This is my daily commute to work
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The main purpose I bought this bike is to commute to the work, and the bike rides like a charm. There are crossing where I need to lift the bike on the stairs while the commute and because the bike is so light weight it becomes very easy to lift it up. There was a slight issue with the handle bar for which I had to visit decathlon store and they replace one of the handle part with even a better one. I am happy about using this bike and would recommend it to everyone who is planning to buy it.
i am in love!
Used for 3 to 6 months
After having owned a heavy 29er mountain bike, I wanted something lighter for longer, faster rides. I was a bit worried about how a 20k road bike will turn out like, because everything else from good brands costed over 40k. When I first rode it with general settings of seat and handlebar, I felt my average speed increase and some lightness but did not feel anything extraordinary.
However, after the first servicing at decathlon and correctly adjusting seat height so that my leg is fully straight when the pedal is in bottom position, I could sit with my back bent with the exact amount. Earlier I thought the bent position is purely for aerodynamics but I discovered the beauty of this position when I realised that earlier I had to apply all energy from my calves and now in this position it was my thighs who were pushing the pedals and boy they were pushing it with ease. In the correct position, I could pedal quite fiercely without feeling tired because the thighs are the strongest part of your body they say. My average speed went from 18 to 23 kmph and my average exhaustion also decreased. I felt amazing as I was easily overtaking trucks on the road. I also adjusted my handlebar to tilt it a bit downward so in the bent position I can rest my hands on the handle instead of just holding it. the default setting has the handle titled upward so you can sit upright but make sure you tilt it downward a bit. I am looking forward to much longer and faster rides now.

Besides all this, the cycle's build quality is a joy to experience. No cranky noises, no uneven weight distribution, no vibrations anywhere (some on the top gears initially but they went away after first servicing). Excellent 700*32C tyres for Indian conditions (I dont trust the 25C tyres with less treading on Indian roads, you can't be on the highways always, this is optimum). Grips, pedals, frame, fork, stem, everything feels sturdy and good quality. Presta valves may be bothersome to locally fill air but buy a connector and in 100 bucks you can fill air at any tyre shop. (max 90 psi).

To conclude, if you are thinking of buying, stop thinking, go buy; at this price, you'll fall in love too.
Service Guarantee and Experience
Used for 1 week or less
I would like to mention the store personnel at Dahisar have really kept the promise of service experience. The bike Triban 100 is an awesome buy and must have for all beginners. Good brakes, comfortable riding position and very good quality frame. Must buy
Perfect road bike for long distances....
Used for 1 week or less
Perfect road bike....easy to ride....easy index shifter helps to manage gear easily. Perfect geometry for the perfect body posture with excellent aerodynamic features.The only concern is the saddle feels uncomfortable for the long rides.
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