Forclaz 0/5° Ultralight Bivouac/Trekking Sleeping Bag - Orange



Made for sleeping in temperatures between 0°C and 5°C, when bivouacking, trekking or on a hiking trip.
Sleeping bag that can be twinned with the Ultralight range. Temperature range: 0 to 5°C for greater comfort. 2 x 3/4 two-way zips for heat management. Lightweight and compact. Stuff bag.

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WarmthComfort temperature rating: 0°C, Limit temperature rating: -5°C
Easy transportSize L: weight 1.67kg. Volume 13.3 Litres. Stuff bag.
Sleeping comfortVery comfortable mummy shape. 2 x 3/4 zips with a double slider for ventilation.
Compatibilitycan be twinned with other models in 2017 "Ultralight" and 2018 "Light" ranges.
Easy maintenanceEasy machine washing, follow the care instructions.
Environmental impactD RATING - Comparison: sleeping bag - technical details
Warranty5 Years
Technical Information

Temperature rating:
We display the comfort temperature ratings on all our sleeping bags. These are tested by an independent laboratory (AITEX) in compliance with European standard EN 13537 of 11/04/2002. The comfort temperature rating is the lowest temperature at which a user in a relaxed position is in thermal equilibrium and feels neither hot nor cold (determined for an average woman in normal conditions of use). Choose your sleeping bag accordingly.
What are the temperature ratings?
Limit temperature rating: temperature limit at which the user of the sleeping bag in huddled-up position is generally in thermal equilibrium and feels neither cold nor hot (determined for a standard man under normal conditions of use).
However, this is what you need to know about the temperature ratings:
A sleeping bag does not produce heat but retains the heat produced by the body. If you are tired and cold and you slip inside a cold, damp sleeping bag, it is very likely that you will feel cold no matter how good your sleeping bag is! These temperatures therefore depend on the person's resistance to cold (bulk, fatigue, etc.), equipment (mattress with insulation, etc.), clothing (naked, underwear, etc.) and weather conditions (humidity, wind, etc.).
For greater comfort, before getting into your sleeping bag:
Do not overdress (1 layer of clothing is enough). Warm up your hands and feet: use hats, gloves, socks, bed warmers, rubbing, etc. A flask filled with hot water can be used as a hot water bottle (so long as there's no chance of it opening by accident!) Contract your muscles (70% of the energy consumed is converted into heat) without moving as this could cause a draught of cool air. Use a sleeping bag liner. Ideally, this should be made of silk to maximise the warmth inside your sleeping bag.
Weight and dimensions
Size M 1550 g, max height 1.70m. Folded size: H 42 cm Ø 20.5 cm. Volume 14 L. Size L 1670 g, height from 1.70m to 1.85m. Folded size: H 42 cm Ø 21.5 cm. Volume 15 L. Size XL 1785 g, height from 1.85m to 2m. Folded size: H 42 cm Ø 22.5 cm. Volume 17 L. To ensure you choose the right size, and for greater comfort, try out your sleeping bag before purchasing.
This sleeping bag is guaranteed for 5 years from the date shown on the sales receipt. The product covered by the warranty will be repaired or exchanged free of charge. The warranty covers product defects excluding those resulting from normal wear and tear and improper use. This special 5-year warranty is only valid with the product and receipt.
A score for comparing the environmental impact of products
The calculation of the environmental impact of the product is based on its entire life cycle using different indicators. A general score from A to E is provided to help you easily identify the most eco-friendly products by comparing products of the same type (T-shirts, trousers, backpacks, etc.) Decathlon is committed to displaying this environmental information. For more info:
Folded sizeH 35cm M Ø21 L Ø22 XL Ø23

WeightM 1490g L 1600g XL 1760g

Ambient temp0 to 5°C and above
Information / Concept / Technology
Padding : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Lining : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Outer fabric : 100.0% Polyester (PES) Carry bag : 100.0% Polyester (PES)

Stockage tips
You can easily store your bag by stuffing it into its bag, feet section first. To maintain its loft, which is what gives it its insulation, remove it from its bag and store it laid out in a dry place.


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Doesn’t work, even at +5*C, indoors.
Used for More than 1 year
Quite a useless piece, this #Forclaz0Light, for what is being advertised as 0-5*C sleeping bag.

I am in #Archhandi and these days it goes down to 5* C and it is still so uncomfortable.
I wear a Neva thermal under my tee shirt and a Du-pont thermal lower and -33 F socks while sleeping.
I have spread it wide and safety-pinned (too slippery surface) a blanket on it at 6 places and it is tolerable.

Just not recommend for 0*C. Do your own tests before going anywhere.

While inside my Coleman 3-season tent with 10-12*C, last year, this was still pretty good. I would have given it 5 stars if it was good at 5*C, even.

I shudder and shiver(punned) to think that what it would do to me (or, FAIL to do) when it goes to 0*C within 20-30 days.

LIMIT RATING of - 5???
Decathlon, you shall kill someone who might rely on your words alone and carry it to some extreme place!

First covered with blanket on 26th October, 2018. Living in this place (look up the climate) since 17th October, 2018.

P.S. I have used from the most expensive to cheap Karol Bagh knockoffs for the last 23 years. I know what I am talking about.
Sleeping bag
Used for 1 week or less
Nice product
Sleeping bag
Used for 3 to 6 months
It is a good product
Awesome and light!!!
Used for 3 to 6 months
I got this after comparing with other products that decathlon has and I am pretty satisfied with it. It is light and compact(though not as much as the helium 0) and offers good comfort at close to 0°. Proved really comfortable at high altitude treks, though the real test will be the chadar trek. However, I am not happy with the cover that it comes with. The stitchings on the cover is flimsy and can rip off easily if you are not careful. Otherwise it is a great product.
Snug as a bug
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
We bought these to trial as a dofe expedition option. We find that Yp turn out with in appropriate grade of bag. So we needed to offer an option ifbwatm and light and affordable. This bag is that. On a cold weekend in September we put it through a dofe weekend. It fitted well in a rucksack, kept us warm overnight (temp dropped to +3 ).
The double zip didn't cause any cold spotting it added to ease of access. All in all we were suitably impressed. The sale price made it excellent value for money. Normal price makes it a more considered purchase.
length of bag and ultralight?
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
1, Not sure why the color is described as pink.
2, Not sure ultralight... not really accurate there are a lot of non-ultralight bags which have the same weight
3, the size is really misleading/wrong. I'm 5 foot 10 and can easily fit in the medium bag. I would sort this out as it will effect online sales.
Excellent sleeping bag.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It is a really nice sleeping bag. Good quality, not bulky (when in a carry bag) and very cosy. It is also not too heavy. But firstly, why article title says pink? It's not a pink at all. Secondly, when you'll take it out from compression bag first time, you better watch how it was rolled in, because it's not so easy to put it back in a bag again. It would be nice to have additional straps to strap a sleeping bag before putting it into carry bag. I say that only because carry/compression bag is so thin, that I guess, it's easy to rip it apart. But sleeping bag itself? Excellent!
Super soft and cozy.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Spacious and comfortable with the extra padding and all. Kept me warm. A tad heavy but worth it.
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